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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Truly disgusting video of Obama and Biden praising Jon Corzine. Hope you'll view it.

I haven't been able to allocate much time to writing for a few days. I did write a piece rebutting a very shallow, newspaper editorial trivializing America's "Broken" status. According to the writer, a one-time college professor, "we're broken" as indicated by stupid gaffs by candidates by Republican primary candidates. Decline in eduction is also a contributor because of the "testing mania" across the country. That's the best thinking and analysis a person with a lifetime career in higher academia can muster??

Reasons are many for our critical national condition and must not be handled trivially. The issue must be dealt with analytically and profoundly. In the meantime I've seen the video of Obama and Biden praising Corzine (in his presence) and find it repulsive. The poor judgement of Obama and Biden is disgusting beyond comprehension!! 
However, equally disgusting is the way they are selling Corzine to their audience. They're like hawkers, carnival barkers and worse if that's possible. For two "top" people to represent our America in such a way is incomprehensible. No way do they command respect. No statesmen these two!! However, as I write this a thought that is often on my mind about why our nation is in such critical state surfaces again.

In large part, we are in the state we're in because of us (we the people). We elect as "leaders" people with no qualifications to lead, no proven track record of accomplishments, no character, no statesmanship, radical associates and more. Fact is,  50+% of the electorate who will vote for anyone who pleases them and promises them enough of the nation's bounty. "Traditional America" is all but gone because of this attitude. President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for me, ask what can I do for my country." It's just the opposite with the 50+% who elect "non-leader," non-statesmen and those who divide rather than unite us. Yes, of course, I'm talking about Obama, but there are many more in leadership positions who don't lead.

Until now, the decline in America has been insidious. The 2008 election gave the transformation enthusiasts hope for a permanent leader to accelerate the transformation of America aggressively into the image they want. Obama is not the leader to solve America's problems, but he is the person most in tune with these people,  counter- and sub-culturalists  who want to destroy "traditional America." And, are doing it!

The 2012 election will decide if the transformation is permanent. A large percentage of the electorate will vote for the "D" without a thought of the consequences to the heart and soul of America. Others will vote for these "consequences," the "new America" they envisage. If the 2008 election is made permanent in 2012, America's heart will still beat, but as another entity.Her soul will be gone. "Traditional America" will be no more. 

Their model has failed around the world, but their ideas are all they need, all they respect....results and data be damned.


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