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Sunday, May 21, 2017


The James Comey-FBI-Trump story makes no sense. It seems the political left, "Progressives," are willing to manufacture any case to try to bring Trump down. It is difficult to divorce from the notion that this is simply more of the effort of the cultural revolutionaries to maintain control of their goal to "change America and then change the world" as Obama spoke about. Donald Trump's election was totally surprising to them and it potentially stops their "march to perdition" that we've written about in this blog. Is Comey a pawn in this movement? I wrote the piece below with this in mind.

HELP me get the James Comey story straight and correct. Comey was billed as utterly credible when investigating Hillary Clinton's violations of law and protocol in her email communications. Clinton was treated as if she did nothing wrong, even though Comey enumerated many violations. Now, her aide's husband,  Anthony Wiener, aka "Carlos Danger" when sexting, is now facing other criminal charges,  is going to jail, and he got Clinton's emails from his wife, the aide.

FBI Director (at the time) Comey identified, and reported, many unlawful actions by Clinton. Then he exonerated her thereby violating both law and protocol by making the decision that should have been made by AG Lynch who, coincidentally, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton prior to the Comey exoneration. No problem. Right? Wrong, I believe. Now it's said that Mr. Comey has memos of his meetings with people, notably President Trump, that may indict the president for malfeasance when speaking with Comey. Maybe. But nobody has seen the memos. A NYT reporter heard one read over the telephone. Memos were to "SELF." Hm! What were the dates of these memos to SELF?? Who can verify the dates and the authenticity of these memos? Oh, Comey. Is that acceptable because his credibility is unimpeachable. Did I get it right. I would like to think so, but no! I doubt truth will prevail. We can hope.


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