As I read, and listen to interviewees mobbing the streets of our nation's capital, bemoaning the anticipated "Nazism" of the nascent Trump administration all I see is a bunch of fascist goons and brats doing their utmost to emulate Hitler's Brown Shirts. The Metropolitan PD is not taking adequate steps to put an end to the rock throwing, burning, and riot and mayhem marring what has always been an example to the world of peaceful and lawful transfer of power.

Lock these thugs and goons up. Clear the streets of this dangerous riffraff. If they are not from DC or environs, find out who organized and financed their journeys, and arrest them for inciting to riot. Last night I saw the disgusting spectacle of a young boy, I suppose 11 or 12 years old, bragging to a TV news interviewer about his starting fires in the streets. He should have been taken into custody and his parents arrested for child endangerment. They would run the danger of having their child taken from them if they let him walk to school on his own, or ride his bike without a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Allowing him to engage in arson, while participating in a leftist inspired and organized riot, is apparently alright in our politically correct Alice in Wonderland nation's capital, however!

For my deluded or attempting to delude, friends and kin on the left, I will remind you that there have been no riots or organized thug activity by me or fellow conservative thinkers. We did not fill the streets of DC when we were subjected to a second Obama term, no matter how it distressed us. We subscribe to the proposition that the United States of America has been, and should always be, a nation of laws. We should not and will not be ruled by mobs and goons.

If the Trump administration will not take action to put an end to lawlessness and threats to public safety and freedom, he will not see a second term. It will not be fascism to put and end to this mob behavior, as the fascism is what we are witnessing today in the streets of Washington, and have witnessed throughout this campaign. It will also be time to put an end to the criminal abuse of our law enforcement officers and other public safety officials. It is time to return to the system in which the police enjoy the right of presumption of innocence, just as their fellow citizens and the criminals they apprehend do. It is time to remember that we do have domestic enemies, as well as foreign enemies, who wish ill for us and our way of life. It is time to remember that the system should favor the law abiding and the productive Americans, not the parasitic, seditious and criminals.

So wipe the spittle off your chins, slap yourselves upside the head until you give over your fantasies and wishful thinking, and try to muster enough intellectual honesty to admit that your candidate lost. And why! You and your elitist friends do not represent American thought and belief.  Our America will be run from her capital, and from state capitals, by elected officials. It cannot, in a free nation of laws, be run from the east and west coast urban centers or faculty lounges. Neither will it nor should it, reflect the beliefs of just the inhabitants of these centers.

America's founders were very wise in forming the Electoral College to prevent such dominance by a few.


  1. While I'm heartened about his cabinet picks, his behavior, shallowness, and pettiness concerns me. While I'm glad Hillary is finally a footnote, I'm still very concerned, only hope the people around him can temper his immaturity and impulsiveness. I'm very concerned.


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