2016 ELECTION IS EPOCH: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, 7 decades of American decline into societal decadence and, now, loss of supremacy in world affairs will continue as Americans march onward to perdition. Harsh, unrealistic? Read and comprehend this analysis and the next one to come to supplement this one. Clinton is not qualified by proven success (in spite of opportunities for success by experience), integrity, service-before-self, character as evidenced by her vulgar language and to and treatment of her Secret Service protectors and her staff, avoidance of self-enrichment as Harry Truman advocated to avoid corruption....and more. Positives aren't measurable.  

The 2016 presidential election is illustrative of how far we have strayed from our founders' vision that the most accomplished people would lead the nation. They would lend themselves to the masses, give of their knowledge, their skills and talents, their wisdom, then pass the job to another of like attributes – the best, most honorable among us. Sadly, no longer is this true. If there are such leaders today, none are in top government positions.

I often think of George Washington who, when approached to be president, is reported to have asked (perhaps paraphrased) “have I not yet done enough for my country?” However, he relented and did much more as the “father of America.” Admirably, he refused to be king. Then there's John F. Kennedy who said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”-- antithetical to vote-capturing promises of Hillary Clinton. Americans would never have built the greatest nation with such pandering patronage and leadership void. My 2008 quote is even more true today -- “The best among us no longer present for elective office and American voters willfully elect the worst who do.” Absence of strong, honorable effective leaders is a major problem.

Our national condition is critical. Some say we are at a “crossroads.” No! We arrived at a crossroads long ago. We took the “Progressive” left fork and a destructive cultural revolution began which, with minor interruptions, has continued for about seven decades, producing societal decadence that is now like a metastatic disease affecting every American institution and more recently a loss of supremacy in world affairs. Hillary Clinton has been at the fore of this journey toward perdition.
The revolution has all but destroyed “traditional America,” defined by sense of family, sense of community, faith in God, honor, love of country, absolutes of morals and ethics and of right and wrong. The revolution can be defined, in part at least, as anything that diminishes the tenets of “traditional America.” Abrogation of absolutes of ethics and morals, with reliance on whatever can be deemed legal, is a major result. Hillary Clinton, shrouded in fogs of scandals and corruption her entire public life, epitomizes this character, her e-mail scandal her most recent. Clearly, she was guilty of malfeasance in using her private server, but she has not been held accountable. Four words were most common in the investigation – “there is no evidence,” legal that is. Clinton's exoneration exposed a more serious problem. It's wrong to ignore the complicity of AG Lynch and Bill Clinton in FBI Director Comey's not recommending indictment. It's reasonable to assume higher level involvement, but “there is no evidence!” Our vaunted FBI is but one more Clinton victim.

All Americans are victims in some ways. Our 1st World status is being threatened by the Clintons' actions. A primary requirement of 1st World status is a functioning Rule Of Law subordinate to a governing constitution. Rule of Law is all but absent in 3rd World nations.
Department of Justice's ignoring Clinton's violation of critical national security policy is very 3rd World-like. Another characteristic of 3rd World is that top government officials often amass
immense wealth. The Clintons have enriched themselves by hundreds of millions of dollars with fees of 200K to tens of millions of dollars from a range of institutions from academia, to Wall Street banks, to Mid-East governments and even by capitalizing on the Haiti earthquake of 2010. Hillary and Bill are antithetical to the Honorable Harry Truman, who refused to enrich himself from his national service.

America is broken, irreparably so if the status quo is maintained. We desperately need a qualified leader as president, one with management acumen who will appoint the best people to key positions. Donald Trump did that by appointing Mike Pence as VP. Hillary did not. Societal decay and corruption must be stopped. Hillary is a party to it and won't stop it. We absolutely must have a balanced Supreme Court. Trump has vowed to have such. Hillary has not. We must have a healthcare policy to take care of those in need, not the atrocity we have now. Trump promises one. Hillary? There's immigration reform and national debt that require in depth discussion. And more.

This election is an epoch one. Elect Clinton and Kaine and continue the destructive course. Elect Trump and Pence as the only option to reverse it. With more appointees of the quality of Pence, they can right many wrongs of our current government.


  1. Joe is right on, in my opinion. RIGHT ON. The thought of what an HRC Presidency would bring to this country is so bad, I detect my psych defense mechanisms kicking in.

  2. Vote for Trump=you're an idiot

    1. Vernon, your comment is uncalled for and, in fact, if you do not comprehend the criticality of continuing Clinton corruption, then you aren't qualified to make that charge on anyone. To ignore a career of corruption and scandals that defines Clinton while assuming Trump just might do something untoward, perhaps illegal, with nothing but presumption to guide you, is not only unwise, it is irresponsible. You will likely get you a Clinton presidency because that's what the voter blocs that she appeals to want....and need to continue feeding at the trough. I will vote for Trump, in spite of not liking him personally, to try to stop the disastrous decline in my country, not because I am an idiot. In fact, I am not an idiot and would have hoped you comprehended that.

  3. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this point. Never in the history of the Republic has there been a candidate so unfit in every aspect. Unfit temperament, unfit judgment. I don't like Clinton any more than you do, but I still don't think that is reason enough to vote for a miserable excuse for a human being like Trump. I've watched him for over a year, any reasonable person should recognize he is not quite right. If Clinton wins, give credit where it's due, the GOP.


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