Monday, November 7, 2016


It is now necessary to claw back all of the enormous extraordinary campaign expenses paid by taxpayers for Obama's and all others' paid government funds for their disregarding their jobs and spending millions from the people's Treasury on Clinton's election. Disgusting and will only get worse. Some Americans deserve what they get, but millions of innocents DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. And, we're incurring debt every day to pay for these excesses. STOP!!

ALERT: When the election is over, I want to demand an accounting of all taxpayer funded campaigning done for Hillary Clinton, starting with the enormous expenditures of Obama using the citizens' Air Force One to crisscross the country at nearly $200K per hour operating expenses just for the airplane. Then there are the millions for aides, transportation and more. And, that's just a start. How about Obama and others giving back to the people's treasury all money paid to them for campaigning. The Clintons, as well as Obama, must be made to pay these expenses. After all, they have the Clinton Foundation to fund them. It is a travesty that the Clintons and Obama are given a pass on this and a travesty, as well as a violation of charter, for the Progressive-sycophantic media to nonchalantly ignore it. It has been clear for many years that the media, all forms, are sycophants, acolytes and minions for "Progressive Democrats" but never so blatantly obvious as in this election. They've abridged all semblance of ethics. Investigative journalism, a la Woodward/Bernstein, is dead with 90+% of media now "Progressive." We will be in for corruption not foreseen as Clinton becomes president. 

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  1. Sandra Arias16 January, 2017

    We did it Mr. Mann, I knew God still have plans for the USA