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Monday, November 14, 2016


The media completely discredited themselves in the Nov. 8 election with leftist bias and promotion of Hillary Clinton while smearing Donald Trump. And they continue. Pundits were/are not only biased, but many are just plain unintelligent and uninformed. Start with the NY Times and Washington Post.....and continue across the nation.

THE MEDIA WERE THE OTHER BIG LOSERS ALONG WITH HILLARY CLINTON IN THE NOV. 8 ELECTION. It is time for media to cease endorsing candidates, especially for President, but probably for Senate and House of Representatives as well. Their blatant leftist bias and dishonesty in promoting Clinton and smearing Trump (it continues) instead of reporting objectively disqualify them from claiming any credibility. It is beyond hypocrisy to now claim they will correct their actions! Time to turn out the lights at many, if not most, newspapers and turn off the broadcast from the TV networks. Shutter the studios! CNN should close forever and MSNBC as well. Even Fox has gotten off the rail, and Megyn Kelly demands $20 million/year for a new contract!!. What the hell have we created in the media world? Punditry?? Hardly a one is credible. Shut down and start over with true journalism and journalistic standards, if you know what standards are. Do you!!

Arthur Sulzburger made an absolute fool of himself by claiming to admit abject dishonesty In reporting while averring that he couldn't run his paper without his readers. Dumb and dumber. So, make his words come true. Cancel the NY Times!


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