Thought for August 23, 2016  -- Come clean on the Clinton Foundation. NOW! 

It is high time the American people are given the complete unvarnished, un-redacted, un-scrubbed truth about the Clinton Foundation. It is only appropriate, and necessary, to give a complete accounting of contributions, who and from where, an accounting of expenses, percentage of funds to administration, salaries, to charitable endeavors, to Clintons and friends and operatives. Total fund distributions!!!

If the Foundation is legitimate and Clintons have not committed illegal acts, then what do they have to lose. It is absolutely fair and appropriate to assume the worst until they give the full accounting. A Google search reveals attempts to minimize criticism, even scrub them, and avoid complete accounting.

How did the Clintons become so powerful and what do the get and give for their influence? They have virtual control of the media. They are never held accountable for improper acts whether illegal or unethical.


  1. Anyone who uses intense dislike of Clinton as an excuse to vote for a man who is very obviously unfit to be President, is making a grave mistake. I've patiently waited for the so called "pivot". It's apparent it's not coming. I don't believe he will surround himself with capable people (i.e., his campaign "CEO", and even if he did, there is nothing that I can see that leads me to believe he would heed good advice. It is my opinion, and I know it will anger some, anyone who uses the excuse of Dislike of Hillary as an excuse to vote for a man like Trump , is putting politics above what is good for the country. The man is a loose cannon, is too impulsive, does not study issues, has very little understanding of world events in general. The Trump cheerleaders, Rudy, Newt, Ben Carson (who at one time I respected), no longer have any credibility in my view. I won't pull the lever for Hillary, and I won't use my dislike of her as a reason to vote for a man who is vile, unstable, and very possibly dangerous . He has become more than just a joke. There is NO reason to vote for such a man. Do so at your own peril.

  2. Charles Misak18 September, 2016

    There are several good reasons to vote for Mr. Trump--besides intense anxiety of what a Hillary Presidency would bring us, to wit: Elimination of a major threat to freedom and speech: Political Correctness. He has already kicked the door down on this vile phenomenon. Secondly, he won't appoint a ultra "progressive" judge to the vacancy on the US Supreme Court. One who would likely do extreme damage to the first two Amendments. Third, he will steer us away from F.A. Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom"-i.e., socialist economic adventures that will ruin this country.

    There's more, but the above is enough to vote for Trump..

  3. Chuck, if you would like to write a piece on this issue, of which there are many more specifics, I'll be pleased to post it. Your call. This will be the most momentous election of our lifetime, competing with Obama's election in 2008 for the most damaging to America. If Clinton is elected, the "Progressive" revolutionaries will be in control forever. However, I've never encountered so many who will not even consider what it means to vote to satisfy their objections and what it means to elect Clinton in doing so. I wish we had an Eisenhower, Reagan or that the Dems had a Truman or, believe it or not, even a Kennedy. But we don't and they don't. Who, for God's sake, can tolerate the thought of a Supreme Court with 100% left-wing power.


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