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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


AUGUST 10, 2016

America shows more 3rd world characteristics day-by-day.

On July 15, 2016, I posted comments suggesting that America could lose 1st world status with certain activities that now have become “normal.” Abrogation of The Rule Of Law, the foundation of 1st world nations, is one indicator that 1st world status is being violated.

The exoneration of Clinton in her e-mail scandal is a prime example of abrogation of law. The once vaunted FBI have now been “shamed and tarnished” by Clinton scandals.

Another characteristic of many, if not most, 3rd world nations is profound corruption with huge wealth accumulation by those at top government levels. Another is absolute corruption in control of election processes and of governance by one faction, one “party,” one dictator.

Hillary Clinton epitomizes the wealth accumulation factor and the Democrat National Committee is clearly guilty of election process control, undoubtedly with Clinton the beneficiary and, undoubtedly, complicit in effecting the corrupt process control. The Clinton Foundation is more corruption – apparently a money laundering operation. More on this in next “thought for the day” post.

With all of this, and more later, Clinton is still the most likely to be elected as our next president. What does that say about us, the American electorate? See the last post.


Blogger Vernon Cadwallader said...

Don't disagree with anything you have said. However, you don't offer solutions. Democrats put up a corrupt, congenital liar, driven by nothing but ambition, candidate. Republicans offer a caricature , a joke, a buffoon. The priority should now be to mitigate the loss. The presidential race is all but over. Trump is not electable, anyone who thinks otherwise is not facing reality. The goal now is to mitigate the loss. Concentrate on keeping the House and Senate. This is the only way to check the progressive agenda. Trump may have damaged the Republican Party for a generation. Democracy in action.

13 August, 2016  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Much truth in what you say. If Republicans lose this election they won't win another one for a generation or two. But, the big loser will be the nation. The march to perdition, now 7 decades old, will continue like a metastatic disease, of which Clinton is a part. Now she will be in control. Stopping her is necessary to stop the march. Holding on to the House and Senate does not promise a solution as evidenced by the Obama years. Clinton will be even worse. She will do as she wants. I've told my cohorts for some time that Republicans are stuck on stupid and Democrats on dishonesty and corruption. Anybody want to debate that?

15 August, 2016  

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