Thought for August 16, 2016

America is in critical condition from decades of cultural revolution and mismanagement of foreign affairs. A major change in direction is absolutely necessary, making the 2016 election an  Epoch one.

The upcoming presidential election is being treated by media and the electorate as just another election, as in the past, albeit distant past, pitting people of different philosophies, liberal vs. conservative, as to how best to solve problems of society. It is not typical! While elections were once just that, it has been a long time, several decades, since that's been true. Since the 1960s, even 1950s, America has been experiencing a cultural revolution. In fact, it is legitimate to say that the sub-culture has, for a long time, led the revolution. The result is societal decadence with measurable declines in many, if not most, of American institutions. In fact, traditional America, that those of my generation learned to love and respect at an early age, is no more. She's deceased. And unfortunately the “new American Condition is already critical. Sad, even sickening, but it is what it is.

A series of op-eds will be written on this condition. But, for now, let's simply be aware that the America that was defined by sense of family and community, faith in God or a power beyond themselves, a nation that had the wherewithal to develop primacy in so many aspects of society, of life, has lost much of her identity. That same nation gained supremacy in the world, supremacy needed and wanted by most people of the world. That supremacy is being diminished, rapidly so in the past 7+ years with Obama as president.

As a “Progressive Democrat,”(to be differentiated from a traditional Democrat), Hillary Clinton has been a participant in the cultural revolution and the resultant societal decadence. Her performance as Secretary of State can only be called a failure. Her actions in North Africa epitomize failure.

I wrote about her failure in Egypt and Libya in real time and it can be found by searching “Egypt is Not a Democracy.” There is more and another post specifically on her performance will be forthcoming.

Election of Clinton as president will not only continue the societal decadence and the loss of supremacy in the world, it will accelerate and compound the problems. All Americans will be the losers.

Unfortunately, Republicans did not nominate the best opponent to go against Clinton. But, Clinton must be rejected. Trump can be expected to place credible people around him as he has shown with Governor Mike Pence, an excellent person. Trump is a difficult choice, but America is critical and change in who is at her top is very necessary. We need a leader. We do not have one now and Clinton is surely not a leader either.


  1. I wish I could believe that Trump would surround himself with credible people, and would listen to, and occasionally take good advice. Unfortunately, I'm not there yet.

  2. Understand. A difficult leap of faith. However, the alternative(s)is/are give control to the worst of the "Progressives" for generations. Trump may (will) make mistakes if he is president, but they will not be acts to deliberately, at least knowingly, destroy the nation. I think it should be obvious to all that what Obama has done and what his machine and Clinton will do is assigning America to a wholly different position in the world. Yes! BTW, I've come to the conclusion that the Clintons are two of the worst people in America.

  3. I won't vote for Hillary because I don't like her politics, her deeply flawed character. I won't vote for Trump because I don't like his tempermant, don't trust his judgement , and most importantly , and I say this with all seriousness (100 per cent, believe me) I question his MENTAL STABILITY . My intense dislike of Clinton is not a reason to vote for someone who frankly scares me. Would I vote for David Duke just because the alternative is horrible? No, I wouldn't. I'll either vote Libertarian, or I won't vote at all. I can't vote for a man that I sincerely believe is dangerous.

  4. Maybe you're correct about Trump surrounding himself with good people. Naming Stephen Bannon as campaign manager. Excellent choice. Nuff said.


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