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Friday, February 21, 2014



For a long time many people have known that no longer is the principal purpose of unions to work for their members. Rather, they've morphed from protectors of the rights of employees to using their member's dues to fund political candidates. Virtually all funding goes to Democrats. Such funding is now their purpose, their mission. Democrats depend heavily on them, hence they are heavily favored by, and get protection from, Democrats. They are a major part of the Democrat machine – very important. I believe most people know this now but few openly recognize the fact and fewer will discuss it. I've never found one Democrat who would admit their dependence on unions. When they advocate for unions, they always do so under the guise of employee's rights. Disingenuous and delusional!

The recent UAW attempt to unionize Volkswagen in Chattanooga clearly demonstrated the fact that unionizing the plant was more important to the union than to employees. Every single report I read or heard stated “how important it was to the UAW.” Pro-union people had help. Those who opposed got no help, so it was reported. There can be no doubt among thinking and knowledgeable people that the NLRB would be biased toward the UAW. We who have experience operating plants with unions have long known of the NLRB bias. Also, we know that management is always at a disadvantage – always!
I must assume it is more biased today than in earlier times since the board has been more heavily “stacked” with left-leaning members. So it is and will remain so.

Recent reports are that union heads are in Houston plotting more plans to increase memberships. NOTE that they aren't saying that workers are encouraging, or demanding, their presence. No, it's noted again as being so important to the union.

Later, I will write a comprehensive treatise on unions but, for now, I'll present a comment that has been prevalent among those of us who've experienced unions, especially the UAW. “UAW members have long eaten their young.” It's true. They've killed companies, destroyed jobs, and been in the forefront of destroying Detroit and a few other cities. If the UAW get a foothold in the southern industry, they will destroy it as well. I have voiced that for many years. They've been delayed at Chattanooga, but they will continue.....and I'd expect with help from government.


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