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Friday, February 21, 2014



Who could have been surprised that the UAW would seek a new vote at VW-Chattanooga? And, they have a good chance to reverse the recent vote to reject unionizing. Expect to see Obama weigh in and you can expect union malpractice. But it is not likely to be reported accurately. Those in denial of what unions are today won't understand, and won't want to, what many of us have learned the hard way -- that unions have become big business themselves working not for the benefit of their members but fund raisers (employee dues)  for political purpose.  


UAW Asks Labor Board to Weigh New Vote at Tennessee VW Plant

The United Auto Workers asked the National Labor Relations Board to consider holding a new union election at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant where workers last week rejected the union’s representation. The union is contending Republican lawmakers and others interfered with the vote.
The NLRB will review the UAW’s objections, a board spokesman said. The UAW claimed U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) and Gov. Bill Haslam interfered with the vote. A spokeswoman for Mr. Haslam had no immediate comment. A spokeswoman for Mr. Corker didn't immediately respond to calls or emails.


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