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Monday, February 3, 2014


As I read The Daily Press, A Tribune Newspaper, this morning, I thought I was reading my own op-ed on Huckabee and abortion, both of which I've railed about. Often! Then I looked at the byline and had to face reality.....Krauthammer.

Charles has the exact same take, as I've railed about, on Huckabee's misguided statements at CPAC on contraceptives and the Democrats' belief that government needs to protect women against their own libido. As I ask often, how many ways can Republicans present themselves poorly and use the wrong language. Words and how they are used are utterly important....critical. Huckabee is a good man, might even be a good candidate for president. However, if he is going to present himself as he did in this instant, don't even try.

Charles also spoke to the insane way that Republicans have fought the abortion issue for 40 years -- ignoring the public consensus on early term abortion and Quixotically fighting late term, even infanticide, where there isn't public consensus and they could find a winning position. Some even lump the "morning after" pill into that. Begging to lose!! And they do, for all of us. And, the nation loses.

Now, I wonder if Krauthammer is reading my "stuff," especially after I called him out (by e-mail) on using the government statistics on debt-to-GDP of 70% instead of the factual number of 107+%....soon to be higher. Or, maybe he was a fly on the wall at CARMA a couple if weeks ago when I spoke of the "stupidity of Republican strategies"...or the absence of strategies.


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