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Thursday, April 18, 2013



Mr. President, the Senate vote against background checks today was not "shameful" as you assert. However, your performance and that of your colleagues are utterly shameful. 

Background checks per se are not wrong. What is wrong is the approach you and your supporters take to solving problems. It is high time, already years late, that you, who claim to be leaders and intelligent people, stop designing prejudicial "solutions" (that aren't) and then attempt to fit the solution to the problem. And worse, you spend time and taxpayer funds advertising and touring the country to deceptively convince voters that you are taking care of the problem -- and them.  

Surely what you do is not analytical problem solving. Worse is your flagrant disregard for propriety and your disrespect for all Americans when you incite your acolytes, most of whom know only what you tell them, truthful or not, to demonstrate for you. You use them to abuse all of us. That Mr. Obama, is despicable and in no way does it demonstrate leadership. "Communirty Organizer, maybe, but in no way presidential. But sir, that's your skill set. Sad, but true!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you are always on target with your analyses, but never have you been more on target than with these comments. I've been searching for some time to find the words to describe how he tries to work his agenda in to any issue... and I found the right words in your article.

20 April, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Above posting from C. Misak...

20 April, 2013  

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