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Monday, April 22, 2013


  • BOSTON TERRORIST MURDERERS: Once again those to whom America has given American opportunities chose callously to murder her innocent, including children and women. Pundits, even government operatives, ponder "home grown" vs foreign, single vs. group....and motive. This foolishness, even stupidity, shows a state of denial that terrorists are organized at large in war against America and will remain so. They are ideologically driven! 
    SINGLE OPERATIVE (LONE WOLF): Nonsense. A so-called '"lone wolf" is only alone at at a point in time, but his terrorist network is everywhere all the time." Do the pundits and pols not understand such a basic fact after years of experience? Apparently not!

    MOTIVE? WE ARE AMERICANS! And, they want to destroy Americanism. There ideology demands it, they tell us their intent and they demonstrate it. The current government doesn't accept it and doesn't face reality. Why? Could it be they are sympathetic? Could it be their normal approach to protecting a voter block? They do it with other groups. No chance that they will attack the problem in the correct way. Tough and relentless offense against the cause is needed....and don't wait to play defense after each incident.

    In 2007, I proposed a way to do this in a comprehensive plan to deal with immigration. The immigration issue is not just about the Hispanic coming across the border in search of a that many native-born won't do. It's far more than that! But that's another story for another day! President Bush presented part of my plan in his proposal that was rejected. More on this in another post. Please internalize the reality that terrorism and immigration cannot be divorced from each other although some have insisted to do just that. Wrong.


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Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Thank you very much. I'll appreciate any critique you may want to offer. I try to provide truth about issues as well as considered opinions bearing on evidence. I invite readers to express honest differences and corrections if they find them. You may have found, as I have, that opposition can often be rabid and prejudiced rather than instructive. Best, JAM.

25 April, 2013  
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