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Hillary Clinton was foolish (nay stupid) when she stated that S. Korea was "only a few miles from N. Korea's border." This person was Secretary of State and thinks she has an entitlement to the presidency. Our founding fathers could never believe who, and what, thinks she has a right to what they created. Hillary Clinton, you, in your entire life, have never met the founders' vision that the most accomplished among us would lead the nation they worked and fought for!! You are arguably the most arrogant, most delusional, most dishonest (intellectually and pathologically) candidate for the presidency in history. Yet you believe you are entitled to it. Your record is one of no sig...nificant accomplishments. Your ineptitude, such as in Libya and Egypt for example, demonstrate gross incompetence. Yes, you were beaten by a flawed man, but he does meet some basic requirements that you do not. Please give it up, Ms. Clinton, and go into hiding for the rest of your life. May…

It was a beautiful September morning in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as it was in New York. I had enjoyed my favorite Mexican breakfast, machaca nortena (eggs & dried beef, jalapenos, more) and papaya. I bade adios to the smiling breakfast cook and waiter, both of whom always made me feel it was very important to serve me. I checked out of the hotel, chatted with the friendly manager, who asked me if I'd return in one week as usual. No, maybe two to three weeks. After going home, I had to go to Scotland to negotiate a contract with SGL Carbon to convert Mann Industries-Grupo Cydsa carbon fiber precursor into carbon fiber for aircraft brakes. Our recent work had been very successful, the outlook positive. The day was good! Until I entered the waiting car and my driver/engineer said a “small plane had hit a New York Trade Center tower”. Soon, as we drove…


UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has told the UN that Iran is likely to be the next N. Korea. I think she is insightful and prescient in her view of this situation. I wrote this piece some time ago and post it here for comments if anyone wishes to do so. 

A couple of days ago I wrote to a friend that Iran was going to be the next N. Korea, but worse. The nuclear agreement Obama foolishly made with Iran has the potential to be ruinous, not only for the USA, but for all of the Americas. Why? How? Hezbollah, agents for Iran, are now present in all of the Americas. I learned, while stranded in Mexico on 9/11/2001, of Hezbollah's base being built in the "Triple Frontier" of S. America. With the help of a friend from DOE, I reported my findings to the government. Finally, in May 2007 it was reported by NBC and Telemundo. My blog readers now report that "they are all over the Americas from Puerta del Fuego to the tip of Canada." Only a fool would doubt that Hezbollah is pr…


Hillary Clinton is selling tickets for $2375 Canadian, $2,000 US  for attending her book signing tour. That people will pay such a price, or any price, for the event is reflective of the American Condition that has devolved over at least 8 decades -- since the "Progressives" started takeover of the once quite honorable Democrats. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the corruption that Harry Truman spoke of when he said, "the only way to become wealthy in politics is to be corrupt."

As a person, Hillary Clinton is of no importance to most Americans. However, what she does, virtually entirely for herself, is of import. Her search for power and enormous wealth for doing nothing is of import to all Americans. That she is celebrated by millions is reflective of The American Condition that has devolved over many decades. I believe President Harry Truman, who eschewed the use of one's government position to accumulate wealth, would condemn her actions. The Honorable president …