Friday, June 10, 2016


That Hillary Clinton can be, and likely will be, elected president of the United States is testimony to the state of decadence we have arrived to after decades of the sub-cultural revolution. Americans vote out of ignorance, reflexively for the "D" and more unjustifiable reasons. 

At times I try to think that I am too pessimistic about the condition to which the great America that I've known and loved for a full lifetime, with an abundance of blessings, has come. But, when I see and hear Hillary Clinton, and Bill as well, and realize that more than half of Americans support her and many still lionize him. Both have fed unscrupulously at the federal trough and have used their offices to enrich themselves beyond any reasonable expectation. Both have been shrouded dense fogs of scandals, some undoubtedly illegal pursuits, yet they are never held accountable. Now she purports to be the best to lead our nation and the free world. She has no achievements to qualify here, claims to the contrary notwithstanding. Are American voters ignorant, willfully duped, foolishly supporting her only because she's a woman or simply reflexively supporting "Ds?" Yes! To all.

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