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Thursday, June 9, 2016


The Democrat/Progressive machine is now in control of the country. If not stopped in the 2016 election, they will control the nation for generations. We march onward to perdition.

I submit to you, what I'm quite sure is now reality, that the Democrat/Progressive machine which controls national Democrats, hence the country now, is as powerful, or more so, than Tammany Hall ever was. Yet, Tammany had complete control of New Your City and NY state for decades. The Democrat machine now dominates the internet, of which the top management of all are Democrats. The financial industry, that now controls our economy, with aid of the IT guys, and has enormous political clout, is run largely by Democrat CEOS and other top managers. They fund Democrats overwhelmingly.  When Hillary Clinton occasionally mentions "reigning in Wall Street," she is only posturing for voters and her WS people know it.

Those who will reflexively disbelieve this and yell "foul" should do some research. It is entirely probable that the Clintons are the patron saints of this vast network, the Democrat machine. The question is, where does Barack Obama sit?" The nation is now set up for long term control by a fraudulent machine, not at all unlike Tammany Hall, rather with Tammany the model. They will make Tammany look amateurish. We are now beyond the turning point, which was 2008 when Obama was elected largely because he was black, articulate, charismatic and represented the machine well. In spite of Obama's and his sycophantic media's and others' rhetoric to the contrary, America has declined dramatically in the last 7+ years and the decline will continue if the Democrat machine maintains control by electing Clinton. Odds favor Clinton's election. 50% of American voters are either reflexive "D" voters, ignorant of The American Condition or both. Or, sadly as I have learned the hard way, want the decadence we're declining into.
Their opposition, aka Republicans, must get unstuck from stupid to stop the march to perdition that we are on.


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