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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Greed in the Welfare State: (plus Sen. Mark Warner's hypocrisy...ed note)
By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

Whenever the word “greed” is used, it is directed at Americans who favor the individual rather than the collective. Those who save for their retirement are “hoarders”. Those who work for a living are “stealing” jobs they didn’t deserve. Owners of private companies didn’t “build that business”. And, the wealthy are just plain uncaring, undeserving – and greedy.

Greed is seldom applied to the government. Yet the government will beg, borrow and steal every dollar it wants through taxes, fees and political corruption. To expect fiscal integrity in government is to expect the impossible - as a national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars and the uncontrolled printing of money clearly demonstrates.

But greed is also an issue with the poor. There are well over 100 million Americans on some form of welfare program. Many are now so comfortable “working the system” that they have no interest in employment. Regrettably, these comfortable poor don’t care about, or even resent, the working folk who pay their bills. They are content to exchange their vote for more government largess.

President Obama sees no problem in taking from those who produce and giving to those who don’t. To transform America into a collectivist nation, the force of government must be directed at those who work, save and create. In this, he is supported by Senator Warner, - who actually did, as a lawyer, help “build that business” (NEXTEL, ed note) but now votes lock steep to undermine the very freedoms he enjoyed.

The desire for votes and the power that comes with elected office is the greed of the political class talked about by the founders. And both Obama and Warner know that the greed of the comfortable poor will help to sustain them in office. However, to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling’s warning from a hundred years ago: When man is paid for existing and no man pays for his sins, the lessons of past generations with horror and vengeance return.


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