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Friday, September 19, 2014


After posting the previous article regarding the separatist movement and impending vote for Scottish independence from Britain, some asked why I, as an American, was concerned about internal UK "politics.:"

 This is far more than just UK politics. A vote to separate from Britain would have, almost assuredly, led to "Balkanization," financial stress, dislocations, government chaos and perhaps more that would have had worldwide impact, especially on the western world. Britain is our most reliable ally of the United States and our relationships would surely have been affected. When I spent time in Scotland and had the opportunity to speak with people both pro- and con-independence, the "pros" made somewhat convincing arguments, their passion for it making it sound convincing. But, beyond their passion, an analytical assessment of the many results to be contemplated showed their arguments not to be compelling. I came away from such discussions convinced that the separatists were misguided. I remained so until the vote yesterday.

Therefore, I applaud the 55% of Scottish people who saw through the haze, euphoria and passion of independence and voted for stability of the UK. The world will benefit. And, after discussion today with a knowledgeable Brit, a thinking person, I feel even more positive about the vote and more congratulatory to those who were wise enough to make the right decision. It's quite impressive that 85% of Scots voted.

Congratulations to my Scottish friends, especially to Robin and Mena, who introduced me to their group of friends who worked to remain with Britain and educated me quite a bit as to the wisdom of doing so. Cheers!


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