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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Daily I receive much information including many links similar to the one above. Most I ignore. Some are inaccurate and some are meaningless in the larger sense of our national condition -- now  critical. But, some are meaningful and reflect truth about the declining national condition that many people disregard. At times, I think most do.

As I try to write a larger treatise, even a book, about the national condition and what has happened to our America in my lifetime, I look for any defining information irrespective of its form.

The link above is simple in form but quite profound in its meaning -- to a thinking person.
First, to those who remain delusional about the media being fair and unbiased, it will show how wrong that opinion is and what information they get out. However, it's unlikely any opinions will change. Nearly all participants in the survey in the link knew of the negatives about Gov. Palin, but none knew of negatives about Barack Obama. None.

Second, it shows the abject ignorance of a segment of the population, a segment that is larger than most will admit. It is enough to elect Barack Obama president and keep him in office. They give absolutely no thought to what it means for America, now or in the future. This has special meaning for me in that former Virginia Governor, Doug Wilder, for whom I once had much respect, wrote a lengthy op-ed for the Richmond Times Dispatch asserting how "discerning" voters were to elect Obama president. Of course, I rebutted it. 

Third, it takes little imagination to realize that this segment of the population plays a major part in electing the president. Perhaps they can be said to actually be electing the president since their numbers are greater than most want to believe. They vote reflexively and have no concern for what is happening to America. Only one young woman seemed willing to rethink her opinions.

For those who stubbornly refuse to believe the importance of this simple video, thinking people must know that this segment of the population is deciding what the future of America will be. It's late in the game of transformation of America, maybe too late. Traditional America probably is no more, as I wrote earlier.

 I, for one, will not give up. Not yet.


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