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Thursday, February 14, 2013


The media, both broadcast and print, are beginning their predictable efforts to influence, even determine, who runs for president in 2016 -- and who is elected.

It has been clear for some time that the media will do all possible to help Hillary Clinton secure the Democrats' nomination for president in 2016. The CBS "60 Minutes" powder puff interview of President Obama and Ms. Clinton, an interview that was only a promotion of the two in reality, was proof enough of their intentions. They don't even need Dan Rather anymore.

Now, the absolutely ridiculous focus on Senator Marco Rubio's drinking water during his rebuttal to Obama's speech (can't believe this but it's all around!!!) indicates they will do whatever necessary to destroy Rubio. And, they will! Even Van Jones, former Obama aide, has stated publicly that "Rubio is dangerous for Democrats." The media ignored the fact that Rubio's 10-minute rebuttal had more substance that the president's hour-plus campaign speech. NO, this is not unfair. It had little to do with the state of the union!! It had nothing to do with the "critical national condition."

It will be interesting to see who the media promote as a Republican candidate. It will surely be someone with less chance to win than Rubio.

What honest person can ignore the influence of the media in getting Sen. John McCain nominated only to help destroy him when he was. Of course, McCain didn't really need any help....he was very adept at destroying himself. Anyway, he was the darling of the media so long as he played the role of "Republican maverick,"  but when he claimed to actually be one of those media-undesirables, he was panned.

Whilst this can be disputed only by those who don't observe the media and by those who are delusional, it does not absolve Republicans of their ineptitude in countering the far left Progressives who now control government and determine the future of America....a "transformed America." It's a tough battle, but the radical Progressives now in control must be countered more effectively. Or, America as we have known and loved her is lost. Could be already. Media are trying.


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