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Monday, January 14, 2013



For many years I thought about not signing up for Social Security Retirement. I was told I was being foolish and worse, and maybe I was. Some aspects of life changed, including health. Frankly, maybe I wised up a bit also as I thought more carefully about Social Security -- who benefits and who pays. I decided to sign up.

When I went to the SS office, I got a real lesson. What I witnessed was astounding -- disturbing. In my assessment it was a sign of the degradation of American society – a vivid example of the dependent class that has grown to excessive numbers.

What I witnessed was the best example yet of how the safety net for the needy and helpless few has become overburdened by the irresponsible and greedy many. It is the sign of the times and it's gotten much worse under President Obama. Frankly, this group is now one of his assured voter blocs for Democrats.

There were 28 of us in the room to sign up. Three of us were seniors signing up for SS Retirement. The rest were young from 20 something to maybe 50s. The one who looked the youngest came into the room leading a toddler, perhaps 4, carrying a near-infant in a basket and showing one in production close to term undoubtedly. She couldn't have been much more than 20. I did what many would criticize me for. I said to her, “I'm and old guy here for SS retirement. What are you here for?” She said, “for my baby's salary.” The one about to be born I suppose. The others already got their salaries.
I didn't say more to her. Why would I. But, I had to wonder how many “baby daddies these children were supporting.

But, I did speak to a few more of the older people. Each one was there to sign up for their salary, or in a couple of cases, to help another person to get a salary.

A few weeks later, I told a friend about the experience and got more education. She works for a Social Service agency. She advised me that such SSI recipients are encourages to call their benefits their “salary.”
The self-esteem thing!! How ridiculous can this be. How abusive to responsible working taxpayers!

Later, another friend, a publisher, advised me that a “welfare worker” had been fired in Richmond for asking a welfare recipient why she referred to her funds as her “payment.” What was she paid for?

Now in discussing the debt ceiling, Obama, once again admonishes us that military, retirees, medicare recipients and more won't get paid if he cannot borrow more money. Not a single mention of the dependent voter bloc.... those who feed on the treasury, never contributing anything.

Opening myself up for more criticism, I'll ask “Why should the 72% of s African Americans, 29% of Caucasians and 50% of Hispanics  marry if the federal treasury supports them and their babies -- and their "baby daddies?" By the way, they also make money, "under the table" to supplement the federal payments -- with impunity. If you think it isn't a problem, it's because you don't want to face it. It's a huge problem!

I would like to know how many people are on this roster and what the annual payout is. Maybe an organization like “The Journal News” in NY, who wrongly published the names and addresses of legal gun owners, can do another “public service” and print all the names, locations and addresses of the recipients, the baby daddies and other feeders. Folks sometimes the truth hurts, but it's time to tell it!!


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