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Wednesday, January 9, 2013



As Obama contemplates an executive order on gun control, according to Biden and news pundits, I can only think of how wrong this would be in that it abrogates the constitution and ignores the wishes of the masses of Americans. But, Obama is totally capable of doing so without hesitation and without thought of its total effect. If he makes the order, it may become the worst Executive Order of all time.

As I write this, I am compelled to think of another executive order that resulted in the collapse of America's economy and created structural problems that will long remain....even though our government representatives, including President Obama, are either ignorant of it or, truthfully, haven't the integrity to admit it. I lost all respect for Bill Clinton during the 2012 election as he campaigned on "the failed policies of the past," yet one of his orders was the key to economic collapse in 2008.

Yes! Clinton's executive order, with Robert Rubin as his partner in crime, to elevate the CRA of Carter to "housing loans for anyone," qualified or not, was an order that should not have been given, arguably the worst of our time. It gave Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac license to grant loans to unqualified people...even demanded they do so. To be sure, Rubin pushed this for his banker associates and the investment bankers took advantage of the order with SIV's and CDO's, mortgage backed securities which collapsed from sub-prime defaults. Some banks were even forced to grant loans against their better judgement.

Please search the blog, Sept. 4,2012, "Economy -- Truth vs. Obama Mantra." Also another earlier post, "The Economy of the Nineties" focuses on the real factors of the 90's refuting more of the Obama mantra.

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, thank god someone else knows the real truth behind this mortgage debacle--and the ROOT cause of the US led financial crisis...

10 January, 2013  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Thank you, Chuck. Don't know why. BTW, I appeciate your comments very much. I am comforted to have your support but will also appreciate critique if you or any other thinking person differs. The kind of criticism I get from NON_THINKERS is mindless and of no benefit. But, what's new?

12 January, 2013  
Blogger Lisa said...

"The Architects of Ruin" by Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer is an outstanding analysis of the primary causes of the housing crisis. You can find it at the library but it might be a good addition to your own library.

17 January, 2013  

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