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Thursday, December 13, 2012


As I've watched Susan Rice try to protect President Obama against criticism and punitive actions for the Benghazi, Libya massacres Obama reminds me of a buck deer. Hunters will understand this as one construction man did the moment I mentioned it to him last week. As Rice "withdraws" her name from consideration for Secretary of State, the comparison is more clear. Also, as I watch the debacle of unions fighting the Michigan decision to become a Right to Work state I am further reminded of the comparison.

When a hunter "on a deer stand" sees a couple or more female deer (does) gingerly walking through the woods sensing the landscape around them for danger, the hunter can be fairly sure there may be a buck following the does. NOW I KNOW WHERE "LEADING FROM BEHIND" originated. If the does  find a place to feed and encounter no danger, don't get shot for example, the buck breaks out from behind into a clearing to feed, shakes his antlers, raises his head upward regally, and asserts his "dominance" over the herd.

If the does get shot, or encounter other danger, the buck simply slinks away quietly, retreats to the brambles and bushes or to the swamp if there is one near and lets the does take a beating....lose their lives. 

Such is the way Obama handled the Benghazi disaster. Send out Rice to take the heat. When it comes, he retreats to his media acolytes and to a fawning union crowd to make a statement.....symbolically suggest critics criticize him and then moves on to accept Rice's withdrawal from consideration. Of course, in the meantime he sends Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton out to fall on the sword, which is appropriate, but so should Obama..... and he won't.

A memory:  Once from a tree stand on the farm here, looking over a clearing of luscious deer-attracting grass, I watched as several does carefully marched to the edge of the clearing, stopped, sensed for danger for quite a while, then came into the clearing and began to feed. I knew very well what would follow. It did. A large 8-point buck came to the edge of the clearing, stood for a while, then bounded into the clearing, raised his antlers into the air, snorted, and started to eat. It was the last bite of grass he ever took and the last doe he used as a shield. 
That's the law of the wilderness. Surely reminds me of Washington and Obama.


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