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Saturday, December 22, 2012


This post is another thoughtful and accurate treatise on the state of our culture and the crime that is perpetrated by bad, misguided policy. BY DR. ROBERT WARREN, PhD


Another mass murder at a gun free zone, and another attack on the right to bear arms. The avoidance of reality and common sense, and its replacement with political correctness. The debauched culture of society, and its impact on the mental state of everyone.
The television, movie and video game industries have made graphic gore and human mutilation into entertainment akin to the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome. It wasn’t too long ago that the Lone Ranger shot the gun out of the badman’s hand. Today, he would have plugged him the right between the eyes, had Tonto gut him, and then turn the remains over to Doc to have a complete autopsy for everyone to see.
How do we even know that there is a badman? The Lone Ranger is the one wearing the mask. And after all, there is no right or wrong, - just a reminder not to judge anything or anybody. A kid wearing Goth or vampire clothes to school is no different than a kid wearing a school uniform. They are just different expressions of personal uniqueness. A school, therefore, is not only a gun free zone but a value free zone where morality and spirituality have been banished.
And what if that badman is on drugs to control his behavior? We dispense psychotropic drugs like candy to calm our children, - and this is especially the case when one of these kids is hyper, or weird, or troubled. In one study, upwards of 90% of the most recent mass murderers are both mentally ill and on drugs. This ought to suggest that these drugs have unintended side affects such as eliminating all human inhibitions and enhancing violent tendencies. But, after all, most kids aren’t adversely affected --- or are they?
And what if the badman is actually mentally ill? So he killed lots of people, shouldn’t we have known he was going to do this and incarcerated him? Well, incarceration can’t be done without judicial types of processes that protect his individual rights against abuse. The badman has as much right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as anybody else. We rightfully celebrate our freedoms even for the least of us and revoking them should be done with the greatest of caution.
Should we be surprised that virtual, digitally enhanced violence, moral depravity, the drug culture and mass murder are all connected? Frankly, it would be surprising if they were not. Will there be more mass murders of children? It is hard to imagine that their won’t and certainly not until we change our culture one person, and one politician at a time.


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