I have written variously about failures of the Obama administration. President Obama, himself, had no accountable working experience to give him the knowledge and background to be president. To no surprise, he appointed people to key positions who were like him, not people with knowledge and experience that he didn't (and doesn't) have. Four years later, there is no evidence that Obama understands these deficiencies and will continue doing just as he has if elected to another term. However, the next term will be quite different, and more destructive to traditional America. He will have no constraints of having to be reelected. I will address this further in another post. For now, let's look at some specific policies and initiatives as well as some Obama claims, from a factual standpoint, and not the hype of the shills and Obama media.


NO he didn't. The auto industry was alive and well in the south and other regions outside the domain of the Detroit Three. The problems were in the “Three” and more specifically, the “Detroit Two.” Ford management had addressed their problems and were (are) overcoming past excesses of unions and management that drove up costs and caused loss of market share to less than 40% total, including foreign subsidiary sales.

Manufacturing costs, fully loaded, in the southern factories not burdened by the UAW and management excesses of Detroit were about 1/3rd of the costs in Detroit.

Chrysler was essentially given away to Italian Fiat. Bond holders and other investors were wiped out. The future of Chrysler in the USA is questionable and cannot be forecast at this time.

Ford, as I said, were managing their way out of the excesses of unions and management. They still are.

The bankruptcy of GM was an illegal SHAM....not a legal bankruptcy at all. Others submitted plans to “workout” GM in a legal and normal manner, but were rebuffed. Even I submitted a plan and published it. My plan would have worked and would have been totally legal. It was essentially the same as what Mitt Romney proposed. However, Romney continues to make a mistake by referring to the plan as a “managed bankruptcy.” Unwise! Legal bankruptcy is the correct characterization. The Obama “team,” led by Steve Ratner, abrogated laws and gave favorable treatment to unions (UAW) – voter blocs are more important than laws. Bond holders, equity investors and others got nothing. Priorities of a legal bankruptcy meant nothing and were arbitrarily changed to favor government. Nationalization?? Time will tell in a 2nd Obama administration.

NOW, the cost. How many realize that Obama gave GM tax forgiveness of $45+ Billion dollars? It is not likely that GM will pay taxes for many years....perhaps forever depending on their growth, which will be slim. THIS IS ILLEGAL! Moreover, while Obama demands more taxes from corporations and individuals, he gave the UAW-owned GM tax relief. Why? Voter blocs are more important than laws and propriety.

And, who knows that only GM's UAW workers got pension assurance (even funded) while other workers did not. Also, Delphi was totally left out of the benefits. When Obama says, GM is alive and the auto industry is surging back, please realize that the facts are that sales of autos sunk for 17.5 million to 13.3 million units per year. The new standard for the market is 13 million! Deception is normal now!!


NO IT WON'T. It's difficult to fathom how the Obama administration could promote and mandate such an ill-conceived policy. Hydrocarbons (oil, gas and coal) underpin the economy. I've written about the devastating effect of Obama's killing coal, stopping oil resource development and slowing gas development while saying he supports gas – it's normal for his rhetoric not to match his actions.

Obama the candidate in 2008 said that people could build coal plants but he'd bankrupt them. He is doing that. One promise delivered.

Obama's disapproving the KEYSTONE PIPELINE is nothing short of incredible....call it what it is...idiotic and subversive to both the industry and to America. I wrote a blog about this last year which can be accessed by searching “Keystone pipeline.” Slowing, and evens disallowing oil drilling offshore and on government land is also antithetical to both energy independence and job creation. But Obama misrepresents the facts in debates and in campaigning. There is another word for this misrepresentation, one he “projects” onto Romney at every opportunity. Obama and his supporters are master s at the art of “projection” (projecting one's own misdeeds and prevarications onto others).

Who remembers that DOE secretary, Stephen Chu, claimed that the USA needed gasoline prices equal to Europe....about $7.00/gallon at the time and now about $9/gallon. If one keeps up with news from sources other than the major media, you will know that Chu has been muzzled and hasn't been heard from since the Keystone announcement.

If you want $7-9/gallon gasoline, and probably more, then give Obama a second term.

I've written about the foolhardy push, and fraud, of “green energy” funded by taxpayers. Solyndra and several others who received 100s of millions of dollars (even billions) on what can be the most ill-advised promotion of alternate energy at a time of financial crisis. But, Obama donors were paid off and benefited while taxpayers paid the bills. There is a place for alternative energy, but not the way Obama sees it. This is either a case of ignorance or deliberate payoff of special interest. Neither is acceptable.


NO. Obama has had the most inept economic advisers around that he could have found. All have been devoid of operating experience, all thoreticians, and the current chief adviser, Kreuger, is same. All are academics steeped in Keynesian economic theory, which has failed in most applications worldwide and failed with Obama's stimulus policy – in spite of hype to the contrary.

In this 4th year, Obama's economy has grown less than 2% on an annual basis, and reached 2% only last month. Of course, this was highly hyped as “on the right track. NO. It is less than half of what is needed and the annual number will be about 1.7%. Terrible.

Employment: 23 million people remain unemployed. Obama touts generation of 5 million jobs. No president creates jobs, rather he/she sets policies to promote capital formation and jobs. Obama has done the opposite. By the way, while unemployment is reported at 7.9%, totally unacceptable, the number is that low only because of more than a million giving up looking for work. This is awful!


NO. Contrary to the administration and media hype and spin, this is not true. Obama presided when Osama bin Laden was taken out, but it is totally untrue that “al Quaeda is decimated.” The Benghazi, Libya massacre of our ambassador and 3 others is testimony to that untruth. However, again the major media shield the electorate from the reality of this until after the election. Ample information has now been generated to show the ineptitude of the Obama administration in dealing with Behngazi, or the lack of interest in doing so. Either is unacceptable. I have recently posted on this.

Obama's foreign policies have failed, from ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt most recently to “leading from behind” as the whole middle east erupts into chaos. I have reported more on this in “Obama's deficiencies and dis-qualifiers” and won't do more here. All of this disqualifies Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

There is much more that I could write about, but won't do so. I realize full-well that many, probably most, have their minds set. If your major concern is a single issue and not for what is best for America and all Americans, then none of this will be of interest to you. I have found a few to be persuaded, but frankly fewer than I would hope. It seems that to many voters, such issues as same-sex marriage or taxpayer funded birth control or insurance coverage for college students to age 26 ( a problem that could have been solved without tearing down the whole healthcare system) are more important than trying to restore America to what she was and to what the world expects her to be.

OH BY THE WAY, yes the debt is still a killer and I have written about it before. May write a special piece advising the unsuspecting of what happens when we default on the debt. Singular special issues won't be very important!!


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