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Sunday, November 4, 2012



I learned early in life to look for defining points in people, especially in those in leadership positions. Good character, attitude and command presence are absolutely critical attributes for those in leadership positions to lead successfully. The top leadership position in the world is the Presidency of the United States of America. President Obama does not have the necessary attributes to lead Americans and he demonstrates it often with both his words and deeds. His actions are too often, most often in fact, divisive, polarizing and create dissension and hatred. He deliberately appeals to the worst instincts and the most selfish attitudes of people. It's now clear that this is his character, his method to gain support from enough to keep him in power.

Even single words and expressions can, and do, define a person and reveal his or her mindset and inner being. So it is with Obama. His most recent assertion in a speech to a supporting audience who booed when he mentioned Mitt Romney's name was "don't boo, vote, voting is the best revenge." Revenge for what? Romney's response was "vote for love of country" I'm reminded of President John F. Kennedy's request of Americans..."Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Obama's attitude here is disdain.... for what? Hatred...for whom? How does this define his character? Anger, vengeful, manipulative! Why? My opinion is it shows his dislike for America and Americans.

Then I remember President Harry Truman who's expression, his admonition to all, was "The buck stops here." President Obama too often demonstrates just the opposite.... rather like "It's not my job, man."
Most recently, and most egregiously, this is displayed in the massacre in our Benghazi, Libya consulate. 
It's the same when, after 4 years, he still blames Bush instead of taking charge and developing effective policies to solve our problems -- it is his job, man! The definition here -- irresponsible, no command presence, intellectual dishonesty.

Obama's mindset and character are also defined in another expression that alienated all business people, especially entrepreneurs..... "If you have a business, you didn't build that."  The mindset here...."statism" government does it, not individuals.

Obama's use of I, me, my and mine exceeds anyone that is in public life. Self-centrism, narcissism! These are not presidential or leadership qualities. AND OBAMA IS NOT A LEADER.

There are many, many more defininitions but these are adequate to cause thinking voters to want him out of office.America needs, and deserves, better.


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