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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Racism is a societal ill that will never be resolved absent a miraculous event. We shouldn't anticipated that. It's not likely to happen. Why?

First, too many individuals depend on the “Racial Industry” for power, financial benefits, political clout and more. Include such characters as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton as most notable, but there are many more. Under the guise of “fighting” for equality, they thrive on arousing anger and never miss an opportunity to incite the masses to demonstrate. It's not arguable that they thrive on racism for political power , and even livelihood. It will remain so. I suspect Dr. Martin Luther King would be very disappointed to know how they have abused his work and marred his legacy.

Second, the expectation that Barrack Obama would be a “trans-racial” president has been an empty expectation, as many of us anticipated. But, it was so hyped that the expectation was appealing to many. He's been anything but that. As president, Mr. Obama has had no hesitancy to involve himself personally and immediately in incidents that he deemed to be racist, even without confirmation. Witness his intervention in Professor Henry Louis Gates' arrest in Cambridge and the recent Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

President Obama has polarized Americans like none other before him and racism is foremost in the polarization.
Obama's promotion of “ African-Americans for Obama” in his re-campaign epitomizes that. It's blatant. There's more, but this is enough.

Third, both the broadcast and print media promote racism. The same cases cited above for Mr. Obama and more are highly publicized by the media. But, they promote only “white on black” crimes and abuse as racism. Although “black-on-black crimes, especially homicides, are reported as high as 80% of crimes against blacks, especially in urban areas, these are seldom focused on by the media....or any others.

Fourth, “black-on-white” crimes are not reported by the media and, in fact, would seem not to be considered crimes at all by most. Most recently, in Norfolk, VA, two white reporters were attacked in their vehicle at a stoplight by a gang of blacks reported to be six or more. But, some 30 were said to be surrounding the melee. The reporters were injured, treated at the hospital and were away from work for a week. Their employer, The Virginian Pilot did not even report the attack! Upon questioning, the publisher called it an “incident,” and said there was no evidence it was racially motivated. Subsequently other reporters interviewed black youth in the area and were told that “incidents” were frequent there and the white reporters should have known not to drive through the area.

With this post as background, I will post a piece by Dr. Robert Warren giving more specifics to confirm media racial bias. It is real, it is a problem, and it will not be solved, especially since the media is dedicated to Mr. Obama and he is using race for political benefit.


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