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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MEDIA BIAS -- More on Norfolk Va reporters and Trayvon Martin

In the last two days, information has finally surfaced changing the media's presentation of the Norfolk, VA case of two white reporters being beaten by a mob of black youths. Today, news reports confirm George Zimmerman's assertions that he was beaten before shooting Trayvon Martin.

What is most pertinent here is the dialogue that accompanied the reporting of the Martin/Zimmerman case. Zimmerman claimed his head had been beaten into the concrete walkway, yet reporters asserted there was no evidence of trauma to the head. After photos were published showing the back of his head to be covered with blood, pundits went to the extremes of trying to analyze the "flow pattern" of the blood and concluded it was probably "manufactured."  Now reports confirm injuries to the back of his head as well as a broken nose and other facial injuries. A bit late, it would seem! Why?

Now, in the Norfolk case, at least two young men have been arrested in spite of The Virginian Pilot publisher's refusal to report the case and label it more than just an "incident." We shall see how the truth unfolds here -- again late. Why?

A misguided person accuses me ("people like me") of  "stirring the pot" of racism. The same person, a political Progressive, informed me that I wouldn't know the truth if I encountered it. This criticism was levied for no other reason than my attempts to bring the truth where those who control the messages don't.

Sadly, truth to far too many has nothing to do with facts and data. Rather their "truth" is whatever preconceptions are imbedded in their minds. An attempt to bring truth to a prejudiced mind is as Sisyphean as trying to open a closed mind is Quixotic.


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