-- Replacing Obama is rather like applying a tourniquet  to a ruptured artery. The bleeding must be stopped to permit repair of the damage. 
-- We won't have a perfect candidate, or an ideologically pure one, to replace Obama, but it is imperative that he be replaced by a person who loves America, believes in "traditional" America and unites Americans rather than polarize to achieve a radical agenda as Obama is doing.
-- For me, a conservative, a good old-time Democrat would be OK (to stop the bleeding), but no Democrat will challenge Obama. Also, Democrats of today are not at all like the Democrats of most of my forebearers.
-- Narcissism trumps all other personality traits as well as judgement and wisdom. Obama and Gingrich are prime examples
-- Intellect does not equate to wisdom or judgement. Gingrich has the intellect and is an example. Obama is not. His proclaimed intellect has not been confirmed by actions and he has a serious deficit in judgement and wisdom. (This is a subject of a post later....his decisions on oil, exports and unions are examples of terribly poor judgement).
-- The best among us don't get elected to high office. Harry Reid demonstrated it this morning on Meet the Press.
-- Those elected to office are too often not the most honest. Harry Reid .... read above!
-- The most intelligent among us don't get elected to office. Read Harry above again!
-- Words and how they are used are of great importance. Mitch McConnell ignored that when he said that the senate's goal would be to "make Obama a one-term president." I said at the time it would haunt Republicans forever. It will, surely through 2012.
-- McConnell can be put into the same cacoon as Reid above. 
-- Mitt Romney's statement, "I like to fire people," was ill-advised and I said so as soon as I heard the words. Context doesn't matter because nobody hears anything but the 5 words. It'll be used on him over and over.
-- Santorum's comment, "we don't need a CEO, we need a leader," was naive if not stupid. A primary requirement of a CEO is to be a good leader. Further, a real leader will have other attributes necessary in a CEO. Obama epitomizes what is not a CEO and is not a leader in anything but self-promotion and polarization.
-- Santorum's comment is doubly serious at this point in time when our national condition is critical. Our president must be a real leader who understands how to analyze and assess problems, lead and persuade others to develop problem solutions that are best for all Americans, not just for special voter blocs, the Obama style.
-- Republican candidates' performance in debates has, too often, been poor. Their poor performance has been trumped, however, with absolute idiocy of the left-winged, brainless questioners (Gregory, Stephanopolis, Sawyer, Cramer!!, Bartiromo!!!, more).
-- Obama has polarized the nation and waged class warfare like no other before him. He has focused on all the wrong issues while building dependent voter blocs.
-- Government does not create private sector jobs, not productive ones. Government either promulgates policies that are conducive to economic expansion, hence job growth, or their policies discourage economic expansion. Obama has done the latter, hype to the contrary notwithstanding. 
-- If Obama is reelected, "traditional America" will be no more. Her heart will beat as another entity, but her soul will be gone. Obama's Imperialist style, as demonstrated consistently, will assure it.


  1. Ideologically pure???? Who's the judge of that, you?? That type of rhetoric belongs in the history books when discussing Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union.
    And Obama polarizing the nation???... like it wasn't already happening???
    I've read some of your posts, Joe. You come across as a very arrogant person who thinks any American who doesn't agree with you is ignorant (your own words). I see you as someone who is so blinded by his ideology and hate that you've lost your sense of reason.
    Why not try to come up with a more positive way of getting your message across??

  2. You might have a bit of credibility if you had courage to identify yourself. Until that happens, I shall ignore your commentary. I will say that, in all likelihood you misunderstand what I mean by "ideological purity" and that's a bit confusing. As a left leaner you are supposed to be, by proclamation, "brilliant." Enjoy your anonymity.

  3. By the way, anonymous, someone who wants to remain anonymous here contacts me other means. You may do the same. I like debate, but can't debate a shadow.

    I will be a bit defensive though. I hate nobody! But, I do oppose everything Obama is doing to destroy the America I love. He also epitomizes the type that has taken over the honorable Democratic Party of my forebearers. It is no longer the party of my grandfather and most others.
    Thanks for your thought anyway.


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