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Friday, January 13, 2012


With his consent, I am sending a response, from Jim in Florida, to the the post that generated some controversy a couple of days ago. The way our candidates are handling the issue of Bain and Romney is detrimental. I heard Chris Wallace of Fox News mention that "the inoculation might help" Romney. Handling the issue the way Newt is, although I understand his anger, is not inoculation at all. Rather, it is expanding (exploding) the issue to an extent that the anti-business positions of Obama will be well-reinforced by November. 

I suspect I have more direct experience with venture capitalists and investment bankers than most, and I can be very critical legitimately, but again.......the way the issue is being handled is utterly irresponsible. 

One aspect of this that may not be obvious is...... it shows the difference in legislative types and executive types as well as highlighting the political type (which Obama epitomizes). SEE JIM'S COMMENT BELOW.


You are right - agree with you and the item in today's WSJ. All of the remaining GOP candidates (and everyone else who is able) need to take this opportunity to explain Bain, other similar entities, hedge funds, venture capitalists, management consultants, etc, and how these entities differ in their functions, in quality and effectiveness, in what they do and how they relate to and function within our economic system. Compare and contrast with John Corzine's firm (can't find the money?), Madoff, other Ponzi schemes and other scams.
This is a "teachable moment" as BHO and buddy Rahm say! Let's keep the conversation and education going.


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