EDITOR'S NOTE ; I have written much about the 7-8 decades long cultural revolution of the so-called "Progressive" Democrats and the societal changes, devolution in fact, decadence, political corruption and even potential loss of 1st world status as they march to perdition, national transformation, aka destruction of all traditional American tenets, including the Rule of Law which underpins our constitutional republic. This post is by one I've come to know as a "thinking person" who is clearly concerned about these cultural changes that are destroying our America. Please enjoy this post:


A friend told me this story the other day. She was working her one job in a wealthy town in the northeast. A man that she knew came into the store and was looking around. She walked over to him to say hi and he didn’t seem to recognize her at first and seemed distracted and disturbed. Finally through a weird forced conversation he realized who she was. She asked him if he was all right out of concern. He seemed so nervous and distracted. He started to rant about the white supremacists who are all around them and who could attack at any point any one of them. He was ranting about how did the country not see such a large problem with these white supremacists and how could they possibly survive. I KID YOU NOT! Folks, next time I hear about Our President stoking fear and unease in this country I will simply puke. It’s the media and it’s radical views, and its spewing propaganda that is directly responsible for igniting, fueling and fanning daily these imbalanced people. They lie daily, do not care if they are lying (an almost Machiavelli ideology), spew hate, disrespect and rage toward all that disagree with their latest freak show. They hide any of “their kinds” violent threats or acts toward Trump supporters and all that disagree with them and simultaneously promote, accentuate and sensationalize random events to further their agenda. Then to add to their role in instilling fear they tell people that they, the people who are the ones directly responsible for the demise of the world, which will disintegrate in 10-12 years. 
I would laugh but because this rhetoric terrifies so many of their base that have already been indoctrinated that they are bad because of white privilege, I can only shake my head in utter disbelief. I was never one to entertain the victim card. A party that totes talking points that minorities are victims of us, the evil white people who only know white privilege, is one whom I don’t care to listen to or support. A party that says they will take from those that have, (many of those earned what they have) to give to the have nots (many of who made a conscious choice to not work toward getting out of their ill conditions). I find this ideology appalling. Thankfully, I can decompress by writing, dog training, and walking as I politically follow this circus show daily. 
Yes, I was never one to shy away from what I find revolting. I love my country too much to bury my head in the sand or say I am helpless to change the current situation. I am simply proud to be an American, am proud to be white, and am proud to be a Conservative, one who wants less government, not more. As a white nationalist (yes people a nationalist doesn’t mean what the left wants you to believe it means) who is proud of herself and country and who is by no means a “racist” (the overplayed word that the radicals use to bully people into feeling guilty and bad), I do not agree that we should look at this country as if it is diseased. I wholeheartedly believe that to spend your waking hours of every day calling everyone that disagrees with you racist is not conducive to winning elections, but we will have to wait and see if I am right or not.
Sadly though what is all too apparent is that the political left's violent rage is growing as it’s propagandists stoke the fire day in and day out. We have these leftist mobs outside Mitch Mcconnell’s house screaming to stab him in the heart. We have Rand Paul with a partial lung lobectomy due to a radical leftist attack. We just have to look at Steve Scalise and the recent attacks from the leftist mob Antifa on that journalist (one of many) to see that we are in a civil war where Americans who are awakened need to prepare to save their country and preserve its history, heritage and culture as the left is hell bent on destruction of all that we hold dear. No, it hasn’t just started either. This breakdown, hence destruction, has been occurring for years, but has reached a boiling point. We see this clearly in the celebrities cheering and encouraging violent attacks on the President, its Administration and its supporters. We have politicians threatening to beat up Our President. All of these factual incidents (yes, they are factual with video footage) go unadvertised by the propagandists, those pushing a blatantly obvious narrative. As their failed attempts to take down a President continue, they seem to be getting more and more desperate where nothing is off limits. Depraved? Yes. Radicalized? Yes. Outrageous? Yes. Anything that they think Our President is guilty of they do themselves tenfold but say they are justified in their resistance. Masters of [projection! Truly a disgusting bunch who do a true disservice to themselves but who are clearly not cognizant of this reality.


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