It's now quite evident that the Special Counsel has no limits on the range and depth of the so-called Trump-Russian "collusion." Robert Mueller has a cadre of the most rabid Democrat lawyers working to find the collusion they've preconceived must be there. Yet, after a year this team of hardened investigators have not found what they "know is there." So, they proceed into personal finances, personal actions and are totally out of control. Their goal is to indict Trump and bring down the epoch election that gives Americans an opportunity to stop 8 decades of "cultural revolution" to change the nation to one of their vision, not of the founders. This post offers some details.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's year-long search for Russian-Trump “collusion” is, undeniably, an effort to bring President Trump down, to undo an election that didn't advance the decades-long effort of those seeking to transform America to a nation not of the founders' vision, but of their own. Since Wilsonian Progressives began, in the 1950s-60s, to take over classical Liberal Democrats, Truman- and Kennedy-like, they've waged a continuous cultural revolution, called war by The WSJ, to eradicate many tenets of “traditional” America. After decades of incremental changes, some hugely transformational, Barack Obama, on the strength of his 2004 Democrat convention speech and the chance to elect the first black president, became their patron saint. In 2008, he averred he would “change America then change the world.” He served the transformers well. Election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 was critical to continuing the transformation. She was entitled. She couldn't lose. But she did, and efforts to invalidate the election have been relentless. Indict Trump for something, if not collusion, then obstruction of justice. Both candidates presented themselves unattractively and had flaws compelling votes against them in a typical election. But, it was not a typical election. It was epoch! Many voted to stop the transformation of America. 

To understand the anatomy of an epoch election , it's necessary to understand The American Condition, and the results of an eight-decades long cultural war.” We've strayed far from the founders' vision that high achievers, people with proven attributes, would lead the nation. Often now, the best among us don't present for elective office, and voters willfully elect some of the worst who do, even with no proven qualifications. For about eight decades, emphasis has been on societal change and creation of controlling bureaucracies, Wilsonian Progressivism. All too often “progress” is only by proclamation or by redefining and revaluing certain tenets of American life. Before the “revolution,” defining tenets included sense of family and community, integrity, honor, personal responsibility, respect for laws, and absolutes of ethics and morals, of right and wrong. Some of these principles have been rendered relative, some abrogated. In the 1960s, societal change became dominant. 

The sexual revolution of the 1960s, that led the SCOTUS to legalize abortion in 1973, changed American mores forever. As the attitude toward sexual relations changed, so did the sense of personal responsibility. While abortion at any stage of pregnancy for any reason, even at birth, and as a means of birth control, may not have been intended, it is so today. The contention that abortion is a right to use one's body as wished is dominant, a “right” without sense of responsibility, of the man or woman, for creating life! Before the cultural revolution, who would have thought America would have such a disregard for life as to have an abortion industry? We do. 

Education at all levels has changed, with colleges changing radically. Too many colleges and universities are no longer sanctuaries for learning, rather they've become havens for political activism. Faculties are overwhelmingly “Progressive” Democrats. Too many are activists. Now credit courses on racism, the hierarchy of white supremacy, impeachment are taught. The right of free speech is often violated on campuses and elsewhere. Too often free speech is excuse for violence, property destruction and personal injuries by demonstrators, false media reporting, excesses of money in politics, and defamation by “identity politics.” None is more personal than being labeled a racist, disgustingly too common as, sadly, the racial divide increased with Obama's presidency. 

The Rule of Law, critically important and the very underpinning of America's 1st World status, is often ignored. The Clintons have often been on the edge of illegality, but AG Lynch and Bill Clinton flouted the law with their meeting before the election, even as the FBI's James Comey was investigating Hillary for malpractice as Secretary of State. Her improper use of a personal server and involvement of questionable people outside government are well-known. As Comey was being promoted as a paragon of virtue, Clinton gave no indication that she was concerned. I sensed that, in spite of evidence, the investigation was for show. On May 24, 2016, I blog posted “Hillary Clinton – No Indictment.” In spite of initial findings of “gross negligence,” her actions were lessened to “extremely careless.” Comey had written of exonerating her well before her questioning by the FBI. Add this escape from accountability as one more of many for Hillary Clinton. She maintained her entitlement. Polls suggested Clinton had a 70% probability of winning. Prognosticators gave her 90%. Undoubtedly, Comey relied on these numbers when eleven days before the election he announced the investigation would continue. She couldn't lose. A ruse to confer credibility. 

Both candidates had flaws, reasons to withhold votes. Trump had part of the founders' vision – high achievement. Hillary Clinton had a government career with questionable performance. However, she had for decades been a part of the cultural revolution, the transformation of America. Many undoubtedly understood that and wanted to stop the march to perdition the nation had been on for eight decades. Trump did not have that stigma. Neither was a good campaigner, but Trump was elected. Can he overcome those trying to bring him down? Can he stop being his own enemy? For the sake of the nation, all should hope he can to avoid a constitutional crisis. He's made progress, sometimes in spite of himself. Wrongheaded tariffs on steel and aluminum won't help.

Joe A. Mann, PhD


  1. I welcome critique of this post. At this time there is no doubt in my mind that James Comey flouted the law and did not investigate Hillary Clinton with any intent of finding truth about her malfeasance. He is a narcissistic self-promoting fraud.


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