MEDIA BIAS AT IT'S WORST – Washington Post Investigates Trump But Ignores Obvious Malpractice By Hillary Clinton (past and present)

So, The Washington Post assigns 20 reporters to dig up information (dirt) about Donald Trump. I anxiously await reports on Trump's negatives but I won't expect to see anything positive, although considerable information is available on Trump's philanthropic activities and other positive attributes. One must compare WAPO's efforts to define Trump for what they think he might be with their efforts to avoid defining Hillary Clinton for what she clearly is and what she represents.

Controversy, evidence of corruption, dishonesty, obfuscation and more have shrouded Clinton like a dense fog for her entire presence in both public and private life. It is entirely legitimate to declare that Hillary Clinton epitomizes the cultural revolution's (sub-cultural in fact) abrogation of absolutes of morals and ethics with reliance on whatever can be deemed legal. The current controversy over how she performed her requirements as Secretary of State, the server-email case, the Benghazi disaster, and more should have more focused reporting from media. Her the disastrous performance in the Egypt and Libya debacles aren't even reported. While she spoke and acted ignorantly about the spread of democracy by the so-called "Arab-spring" and supported the nonsensical decision of overthrowing Mubarak in Egypt, media have no interest in reporting her ineptitude on these issues.

In this blog, I wrote of the disastrous effects to be expected from actions in Libya, Syria and especially Egypt. If I could anticipate the end results, why should the Secretary Of State, and the president as well, not be expected to understand? Perhaps their plan was to effect the disaster. I even wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood would, in all probability, win control of Egypt, and only the military could stop it. That's exactly what happened. Were Clinton, Clapper and Obama ignorant? Or?

Hillary Clinton's poor performance, her ineptitude, is profound and obvious. But she gets a pass from media and a majority of the American people. Would the people act differently if the media exercised their obligations better? It's doubtful we will know the answer.

I've often spoken, and written, that we will never get to the bottom of the Clinton corruption until an honest investigative reporter gets on the case as Woodward and Bernstein did with Watergate. Is honest investigative reporting now an oxymoron? The WAPO may have a chance to prove it is not, but will they?

I am not writing this as a fan of Trump. I am writing as one who laments the loss of intellectual integrity, the increase in bias of the media and, in general, the societal decadence that now defines us. The media are complicit in all of these American Conditions.

So WAPO, if you are going to “dig into Trump's life,” do the same for Clinton. You are obligated to do so! Oh, while you're trying to do your job correctly, you might examine Bernie Sanders' employment and his qualifications, lack of, to be elected to the most important job in the world.


  1. Very well put. I went back and looked for some of Hillary's achievements as Sec of State. A lot of Globe Trotting. Mainly in the Middle East or connected to it. Lots of functions. But, when you look closer, nothing positive came out of those trips. If anything, she helped put America, Israel and others in danger. Maybe, that was their plan. This President and his administration has perfected the art of illusion and 'slight of hand'. Keep the American people busy on one issue, while using the back door for another. The average person, even the ones who do care, can't keep up with all their deceit and tricks. Many have dug into her life. Many know the truth. But Hillary and Bill have been able to deflect almost all the serious issues. Like Obama, nothing sticks to them.
    But, I have one hope. That if we wait, till closer to the election, and then inundate the web, FB, Twitter etc etc. Just stating one evil issue at a time. There is a long list. Repeat over and over. Thats what they do. They know, that if you repeat it often enough, the people will believe it.We need to do the same. If we do it too soon, they will forget. If we share them all, one here and one there. And yes, without name calling, we just may influence people to question. She already has lost many followers. We just have to put a bug in their ear, so to say.
    And lets not forget the millenials, who don't even know her prior to Sec of State. Its up to the people to do what the media won't. We should also write FOX, MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, NYT,etc and request strongly, that they do their jobs. The public needs to start holding them accountable. They need to know, that in the long run, Hillary's Presidency will hurt them as well.
    I have commented many times, asking if there aee any honest, caring and curious journalists/reporters left out there.I am sure there are. But I am sure they are forbidden or threatened to 'leave things alone'.

  2. Pettie, your commentary is spot on both with respect to being very meaningful as well as being very well written. It's a true pleasure to read such responses. Thank you!!


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