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Wednesday, July 15, 2015



In June 2007, I developed a detailed comprehensive proposal for immigration reform including focus also on combating terrorism. It was presented to President Bush and published. I spoke, by invitation, to many groups in several venues. It was even taken to Britain because a British couple who heard my presentation saw many comparisons to their immigration debacle. Recommendation #13 of 23 was "Make sanctuary cities illegal NOW! Ban new sanctuaries and cease operating existing ones. Cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities. " The heinous random murder of a young woman in San Francisco, arguably the most egregious violator of sensible policy by extremist Democrat-Progressive management, is the most recent example of the nonsensical and dangerous nature of this policy. Why is it policy? Irrespective of intellectually dishonest spin to the contrary, it is but one more ploy by "Progressives" to build voter blocs. Conservatives tend to trump the Progressive dishonesty and subterfuge with stupidity in battling the practice. Why do I use the word stupid. They equate "comprehensive reform with amnesty." Dumb!

I still see my 2007 proposal as superior to any other (if there is one somewhere) but Progressives objected to doing anything but open the borders to all comers and some conservatives condemned the plan because of the word "comprehensive." When dishonesty collides with stupid,  we get nothing but chaos and, in this case, crime, including murder and more.

I see no resolution of this dilemma, a "broken nation," given the people we continue to elect to major office. "The best among us do not present for elective office and American voters willfully elect the worst who do." (JAM, 2012)


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