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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


EBOLA PARK -- A provocative comparison of Ebola to "Jurassic Park" and the chaos of man's arrogance regarding nature. By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

The policies of the federal government have brought Ebola to the United States. This is astounding, and it brings to mind “Jurassic Park” - the movie that showed us the rebirth of the dinosaurs, but also showed us the chaos that resulted from man’s arrogance regarding nature.

Uncontrolled diseases of all kinds are now everywhere in the United States. Some are new to us - although well known in the tropics. Others are the re-emergence of long vanquished one. Each of these diseases, like the various types of dinosaurs, has unique capabilities. Some create respiratory problems in children, others severe joint pain, and some long-term potentially deadly health problems. The Tyrannosaurus Rex of the bunch is Ebola. It is a rapid and deadly killer.

There are a number of entry points for these diseases. The southern border is wide open and there is little to no effective screening of the men, women and children streaming across it. As we now know, air transport from Western Africa has brought Ebola to Texas. The Obama administration has sent thousands of troops into the contagion, and many experts have said that this will lead to military personnel bringing the Ebola contagion back to the country via personnel rotations or emergencies.

Ellis Island, the now closed gateway for millions of immigrants, existed for a number of reasons - one of which was to segregate arriving immigrants from the general American population and check them for diseases before allowing them into New York. Essentially, the long recognized process of quarantining and isolating the sick from the healthy was applied as standard medical practice. It would work now if it were actually used in the current contagion situation.

Ebola, or some other contagious and generally fatal disease, might just make Jurassic Park look like child’s play. Let’s hope that the incredible decisions of the Obama administration don’t play out as a chaotic Ebola epidemic on America’s shores. Hope, however, is not going to cure it if it does.


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