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Friday, May 9, 2014



Perpetrator calls, identifies self as an IRS fraud investigator, alleges that account has been audited, much money owed, advises not to ask questions until he finishes explaining the charge of fraud. They had tried to deliver a “package” to our home and nobody to accept it. I said, bring it again. He said he couldn't … time expired. Inexplicable, but we still were not sure of a scam.

I interrupted. He asked, “Don't you want to know how much you owe.” Advised me we owed a load of money from 2008-2009. Told him that was strange. In 2009 the IRS voluntarily refunded me several thousand dollars for for a filing error. Tenor changed.

He advised bank accounts, credit cards, house (everything but pets and debt) would be taken over.

I said, “I suppose I could resolve this by giving you a credit card number, right? He hesitated. I said, “you're a fraud, a scam, right.” He said “an officer will be at your door within and hour to take you to the courthouse and book you (courthouse?).” I said, “OK bud, let me talk to your IRS manager. He got more indignant and said, “don't waste my time or yours, get ready for the officer.” Hung up.

I notified IRS. Was advised to call Treasury Department Inspector General – 1-800-366-4484

IRS is “having many, many calls of this kind from citizens.

Scam caller ID is District of Columbia.....number 202-241-4617 …. when called message says IRS fraud division.....then punch menu numbers to get agent.

I notified newspapers who will do a story. Police say that had one more from a person who took the bait and gave the perp a prepaid credit card. Such a call is frightening to most including me, even though there were indications of invalidity straight-away. Police and reporter still investigating. Advise your friends.


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