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Sunday, January 26, 2014


A constitutional convention is a fool's errand.
I've been approached by a few people in the last 1-2 years to endorse a constitutional convention for such amendments as a 28th to mandate term limits and to curtail the abuse of the constitution by radical Progressives, especially President Obama and his administration. My immediate first thought was "it's a fool's errand." After much thought, I'm still of the same opinion.

How would a constitutional convention be controlled? And, by whom? Radical Progressives, who now control elections to major offices, starting with the Presidency, would surely dominate. A major goal of Wilsonian Progressives was to reform the constitution for "social change and to establish administrative bureaucracies." The new Progressives are even more radical. The current administration is radically Progressive and already has little hesitancy to violate the constitution, virtually at will. Who can doubt that they would reform a new constitution to fit their agenda.....or repeal it totally. It's not so unreasonable to think the latter. A constitution of their making would remove all inhibiting factors to reforming America to there wishes. Judging from the actions of the Obama administration, this would include bringing America more into parity with lesser nations. 

The solution to this problem lies in the uniting of all people, who oppose such radical changes in America, to reject the radical Progressives and elect people to high office who want to preserve America as the nation we have long known and loved. The America that has held preeminence in the world. 

We only have to look at recent reports of the line-up of nations according to their "economic freedom." America, traditionally #1, is now #12. First place is held by Hong Kong. Wake up Americans.


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