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Sunday, March 24, 2013



It's possible that Syria has access to chemical and biological weapons, the so-called WMD's, that Iraq "didn't have."  While it has been accepted in all the western world that IRAQ did not have the WMD's that  intelligence agencies of several countries had reported, it's possible we will find that their original reports were correct. Probability of doing so? Don't know! But information I received during the run-up to the Iraq war compels me to think of the possibility.

During the run-up to the Iraq war, I received a report from a major British news source that chemical/biological weapons were trucked in tractor trailers out of Iraq into Syria. They showed pictures of the trucks, going across a bridge into Syria. However, no contents of the trucks were shown, of course.

I turned the information over to our very competent newspaper publisher and asked him to have his sources investigate it and authenticate the information if possible. He, in turn, consulted with a respected and knowledgeable person who was Director of International Studies at a major college and was well-connected politically. In fact, he soon thereafter was appointed to an ambassadorship.

The gentleman made some inquiries over a few days and reported to us that he found reason to believe the information was authentic, well-intentioned, and possibly correct. During this period I was also informed that some of the weapons went into the Bekaa region of Lebanon. No proof, however.

Later, Georges Sada, a senior officer for Hussein, wrote a book and asserted virtually the same. He was interviewed and maintained his assertions, but he was quieted rather quickly. Frankly, I don't know more details and do not know why he was deliberately shut down....or even if he was. But, today as the news from Syria gets more ominous day-by-day with thoughts that Assad is using chemical weapons, I am, once again, compelled to think about the news I got in 2003-2004.

What's the truth? Will the news agencies find it? Doubtful! There is too much "intellectual" (which I use loosely) and political capital invested in the "NO WMD's mantra to impugn those who asserted there were....Bush and Cheney especially. Maybe a new truth will come out.


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