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Thursday, August 2, 2012


On dishonest inept "journalists, "Chick Fil A , Women's Rights and  Free speech
                                                   by Dr. John Taylor, PhD

Dr. Taylor has it right. There is much more to write about on this issue and I will do so with the impetus given here.  
I would not expect our "crack," progressive media to have the intellectual depth to understand the nuance and irony of what is taking place before us today. From the media's limited perspective, the Chick- Fil-A
battle is about same-sex marriage. It's not. It is about Sovereign citizens deciding that their 1st Amendment rights to free speech will not be infringed upon. From the media's rather shallow understanding, the Catholic Church's denunciation of the Obama administration's health care contraceptive mandate is about women's rights. It's not. It is about Sovereign citizens deciding that their 1st Amendment rights to religious freedom will not be infringed upon. I don't really care if Ms. Couric wants to know what Sarah Palin has recently read. I want to know what Ms. Couric has read, and not read, or if she even reads. I am more than a little fed up with "journalists," and for that matter bloggers, who write more than they read. It shows. Fortunately, one of my father's maxims was, "Never take advice from someone who knows less about the subject than you do." If we all did that, there would be a lot of former journalists suddenly signing up for disability benefits.


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