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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Here is the form letter response I got in response to my rather detailed commentary to the DOJ webmaster. I know of one other person who got the same response and I'm sure all questioners will get the same. Why should we expect more from a DOJ that works only for Holder and "his people" (his words) and President Obama? As for me, I'm totally disgusted with these guys, but more disgusted with the voters. At this moment, Obama is giving a speech that is a good one for "organizing" but absolutely not for governing. 

SUDDEN ANNOUNCEMENT: Fox News has cut Obama's speech. They announced that they expected reports on China and some other issue and they were not in the business of "giving free campaign to Obama." It is all this president knows!!! And, 40% of mindless people will support him reflexively...... mostly trough-feeders!!
Thank you for your interest in the Department of Justice website. The department debuted the site’s new design in October 2009 with a focus on making the site easier to use.
The design was inspired by the architecture of the main Depa rtment of Justice building in Washington, DC. For instance, we sampled the limestone from the building to create the site’s main background color. We used architectural photos as headline images to anchor major pages. We incorporated a quote from the building’s façade into the design as well.
All of these design choices were guided by the goal of creating a final design that was modern, while at the same time evoked the tradition, independence and seriousness of purpose of the Justice Department.
Information about the quote may be found here:
We hope you find this article informative and thank you for your interest in the Department of Justice. We welcome your ideas and suggestions on how we can continue to provide you with a superior web experience.
U.S. Department of Justice


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