By Michael Wilson
Mr. Wilson offers some very interesting, even intriguing, analytically-derived thoughts about  what Kim Jong Un's sister may have witnessed in South Korea and how she may have influenced Kim as she reported her observations upon her return to N. Korea after the Winter Olympics. Mr. Wilson is a person who has exceptional analytical thinking ability as well as compelling capability to express results of his analyses. He is a veteran, one who sustained life-threatening injuries, of the Vietnam War. His knowledge base is broad and his understanding of national and world affairs is profound. He permits me to post some of his work and this one is, in my opinion, not only interesting but compelling to ponder. 
Michael Wilson's thoughts:
Has anyone else considered the possibility that when Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Jo-long, came back from her visit to South Korea during the recent Winter Olympics, the conversation went something like this?

"Bro Beloved Leader, maybe we're on the wrong track. We're big frogs, but only in a very small and nasty pond, truly weak when compared to the big frogs in huge lakes. We're dependent on the Chinese for survival. They only support us because they haven't quite totally emerged from their decades old mindset that they need to avoid a united Korea at all costs, so as to have a buffer between them and a strong U.S. ally. It is going to dawn on them soon, that a united Korea will be an economic advantage to them as they wean themselves from Mao's toxic legacy, and rely on capitalism, for survival as a nation, rather than a large standing army. BTW, Dear Bro, this capitalism seems to have served our southern cousins pretty well. This may well have occurred to the Chinese already, and they are just waiting for the right opportunity to revise their policy to their best advantage. If they do, we may be looking for a villa in Mali or Venezuela. We don't enjoy much cachet around the world, I'm afraid."

"As the Chinese move toward economic and technical confrontation with the U.S., and back off from their military belligerence vis a vis America, having a dependent ally on their flank as a buffer zone may not make as much sense as it did decades ago. They do not want or need millions of our hungry citizens spilling over their border, when all the problems can go south instead."

"Dear Wise Elder Bro, we are becoming more problematic to the Chinese than we are beneficial. If things go to hell in a handcart, they will toss us out of the sleigh in a heartbeat, to the wolves awaiting us. The U.S.A. supports reunification, and it is in everyone's best interests, even our southern cousins, for this to happen peacefully. BTW, the southern cousins can probably kick the crap out of us in the end, even without the help they will surely get from America and Japan. All the Chinese will do is close the border to our starving refugees. You are the key to our success, Bro. If there is a war, we will inevitably lose, and our lot, particularly yours, will not be a pleasant one. Trump and Moon have reached out, China is  essentially on board with them, and the ball is in your court. But as you are undoubtedly far wiser than I, you must do whatever you think "best."

My thoughts to myself, Kim Jo-long: I have great faith in the essential wisdom tact, and practical good sense of women, even in such a sh*thole as North Korea. I have faith in the ability of a smart woman to talk sense, even to a leader who has ridden bravado and bluster backed up by little real strategic strength, to the top of a house of cards. I have faith in the ability of a savvy sister to possibly convince him that his house of cards may be about to be blown over by a leader with enough moxie to stand firm and the military power to wipe him out in short order. This may happen when his quivering minions cannot, or fear to try to, advise him truthfully.


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