Robert Mueller, James Comey, others in the "Deep State" intelligence agencies and Democrats are hell-bent to bring President Trump and his administration down. They will do anything to bring him down in spite of the impact on the nation. Trump's election gave us a chance to do what I wrote about, that is elect a president who can lead us to stop the 8 decades long cultural revolution, sub-culture for the most part, and stop the march to perdition -- rampant corruption, destruction of traditional America, abrogate the Rule of Law and more -- transforming America as Obama promised to do and is still trying to do with his OFA,  leading America into 3rd world status as a final result. First world status requires, above all, a functioning Rule of Law!

Yesterday, I wrote that it was a watershed day regarding the efforts by Democrats to take down President Trump. Early this morning, I learned that Al Franken's fellow Democrats are pushing him to resign. First they defended him, as Pelosi did John Conyers, but now both are being used as leverage, as credibility!! To do what, you ask! To go after President Trump! I expect a profusion of harassment claims against him (name any number) and a hard push for impeachment ...and/or resignation. Why? Yesterday's watershed moment was the revelation that an FBI investigator, a fervent Clinton supporter, has been corrupt, and while that's not new to many, it's the first, and most open, case of corruption to be publicized by Mueller, who hasn't yet found what he's hoping to find to bring Trump down. He probably won't. So, bring on harassment claims and force out Conyers and Franken and use their forced resignations as credibility in going after Trump. A friend in AZ just moments ago told me Rush Limbaugh posits the same. I don't follow Rush, so haven't heard him, but he's right, if he predicts concerted attacks on President Trump.

There's now plenty of evidence to support my earlier contentions of chaos as the cultural revolution it's halted. But, it must happen.

While reading this, please search "Hillary Clinton -- No Indictment" posted May 14 and 24, 2016. I studied James Comey and rejected all of the hype on him as a paragon of virtue as false and he proved my assessment to be correct. I did the same with Robert Mueller and he is proving to be as Comey, a Trump hater.


  1. No one is doing more to bring down the Trump administration than Trump. Fortunately , we got Gorsuch, and hopefully the tax bill (primarily the lower corporate rate, the rest I really don't care about). That's about all we can expect from this administration. The next three years will be nonstop idiotic, juvenile tweets, and GOP erosion in the house and senate. Beware all you Roy Moore Republicans, and the rest of those who reside in the State of Myopia, the GOP is dying the death of a 1,000 cuts. This is the consequence of sacrificing personal integrity for a political agenda, and embracing a fool to be the standard bearer.

  2. You might be correct. What would you do, or what are you doing to improve the odds of national destruction, that is what I've written about often, "the 8-decades long march to perdition we've been on under "Progressive" policies?" We had to stop the march, rid ourselves of corruption and of the Obama DOJ "deep state" and more? Trump was not my choice to do what I am 100% sure had to be done. But, he was the only one of all those who ran who wasn't one of the perps of our critical condition. If he fails, and it is quite possible he will, your "win" of relieving your angst for him, or to put it into technical terms, to relieve your hard-on for him, you will be a loser as the nation loses. If you don't, or can't, or won't understand the critical condition of our nation after 8 decades of devolution into societal decadence and profound corruption (think Clintons to start, Obama's DOJ and more ), then any attempt at explanation by me, or anyone else, will be quixotic.

    1. Error correction: meant to ask what you are doing to improve the odds of AVOIDING NATIONAL DESTRUCTION.

    2. Political winds blow in both directions from time to time. These days it seems we have much more of the extreme variety, on both sides, both left and right. National destruction is a bit hyperbolic. Much of your writing suggests a sense of malevolent intention, with which I don't agree. I abhor the agenda of the far left, i.e. Sanders/Warren. But I'm not willing to go so far as to call it evil, just incredibly naive and misguided. I don't agree or subscribe to apocalyptic forecasts for the nation. We may suffer from time to time for foolish policies, but we know from history the pendulum eventually always swings to the other direction.

    3. Oh, and to answer your question of what am I doing to improve the odds of avoiding national destruction? Well, Joe, I think I'm going to a matinee, seems like the thing to do, worked out pretty well for me 25 years ago. Best wishes for a prosperous 2018.


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