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Thursday, August 3, 2017


The "Deep State" threatens Trump as he threatens their existence and their cultural revolution.

In the 2016 election, I hoped for the election of someone who could stop the cultural revolution and the "Progressive" march to perdition we've been on for 8 decades. Donald Trump is threatening to do just that and even though he is at times clumsy and communicates poorly, hence at times his own worst enemy, the forces that have driven the revolution and march to perdition are doing all possible to bring him down. Many want to destroy traditional America. Following is a note to friends

Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long, and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real, subversive and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and it's destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump is meeting.

Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the revolution, stop destruction of traditional America. Obama's reign put the revolution on steroids. Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years. Obama and Clintons are leaders of the resistance to Trump's presidency.


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