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Monday, May 29, 2017


Hillary Clinton should be ashamed to present herself as presidential. She certainly is not and she should be embarrassed by her commencement speech to Wellesley graduates. Whining and political.

I will post a few  rather singular purposed thoughts for a while, especially during this period when our government is so dysfunctional, Trump derangement syndrome is so prevalent and media bias and dishonesty so seriously influences too many people. The American Condition is clearly more critical day by day as Hillary Clinton won't accept defeat and "Progressive" Democrats are so vindictive as they try to undo the election of Pres. Trump. I will try, in my posts, to focus on defining people and issues accurately vs. media's doing the opposite 

I've heard many commencement speeches in my long life, but when Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg competed for the worst ever, I must give the #1 worst to Clinton's at Wellesley for several reasons, but surely for alluding to, if not endorsing, impeachment of President Trump. Ignorance and dishonesty competing for 1st place. No class. Totally a whining political address to graduates. She should apologize, not seek adulation. But, too many Americans are so non-discerning and even ignorant of facts. They just want their biases confirmed to not be challenged by facts not of their liking.


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