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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


REQUEST: I ask readers to kindly list some positive outcomes of the US Department of Education programs and expenditures since the formation in 1979.

As I observe the confirmation process for President Trump's cabinet appointees, I am appalled by the ineptitude shown by US Senators in questioning the appointees -- ineptitude competing with dishonesty for dominance of the questioning.

As noted in another post herein, Trump's appointees are, by and large, of qualifications superior to vastly most of those of past presidents, especially of Obama's. Perhaps the appointee receiving the most questionable comments is Dept. of Ed. appointee, Betsy DeVoss. While I admit here that I did not hear or see her performance in the hearing, I have heard and read much since. It seems she gave answers to questions that were deemed incomplete, or just didn't satisfy the questioners -- aka Senators, most with no experience in education. I wonder how many of them have committed as much to education as has Mrs. DeVoss.

It seems that the most egregious of acts in Mrs. DeVoss' background relate to not giving allegiance to the failed Department of Education practices. And, of course, THE UNIONS. It seems that she has sought alternate programs for children who need help  -- "choice," perhaps vouchers, ??. Can anyone give evidence of how unions have advanced the cause of education of children, point to improved outcomes and better performance post public education? I think not!

We've had initiatives, one after another named programs such as "No Child Left Behind," "Rush to the Top," now "Common Core" and results get worse not better. Expenditures per student have more than doubled since 1986-90 to over $12,000/yr per student! Where are the positive results? There are none.

WE MUST HAVE IMPROVED OUTCOMES IN OUR SCHOOLS. I cannot judge if Mrs. DeVoss has the attributes to help produce positive outcomes. But, I do know that the Department of Education is all but ineffective, even defunct.

Give Betsy DeVoss a chance to improve the Department of Education or shut it down and get back to the states' control of all education.


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