Wednesday, September 17, 2014



It will be interesting to see the outcome of Thursda's vote to split Scotland from Great Britain.
Will the uber-Liberal Scots, for years already paying the price of being overly socialistic, find the Socialist utopia they seek? Will people ever learn that the Socialist utopia doesn't exist? Do the Scottish leftists not understand why their population of 19- to 29-year people is minimal as their youth exit Scotland for jobs and a better life than they can realize in Scotland? Apparently not!

Scotland is a lovely country and I enjoyed working there with one of the few remaining manufacturing companies.

I suddenly remember the remarks of a veterinary specialist here when she learned that I contracted with a Scottish company to produce carbon fiber from our precursor produced in Mexico. She said, “I'm glad, but surprised, that there is still a company like that in Scotland. Not many.

When in Scotland I stayed at a wonderful guest house, a 17th century house run by a wonderful husband-wife team. They were the most gracious host, Robin, and hostess, Mena – served me the best food, made sure I was comfortable and more. One evening the hostess came to the dining room and invited me to meet their guests in the commons room. There must have been 30-40 people. Mena introduced me to the group as their American guest and new friend......then said, “I do believe Dr. Mann is one of us.” Conservatives! We talked quite a bit. Their meeting was to organize opposition to independence. They declared that socialism was already their problem, not a solution. They could not reconcile how to manage as an independent country, how to finance it and more. They recognized that their industrial job base was greatly diminished from their better days, hence the loss of their youth to England, Ireland, and other countries, even the USA. The uber-Liberals had no concerns about these essential needs. Taxes could always be increased.

The uber-Liberals refuse to recognize that Socialism and a form of nationalization of industry and banking nearly brought death to England. It was Thatcher's conservative governance that rescued the nation.

And then there is America. How will she be transformed as Liberal Progressives gain more control. The election of Obama suggested such transformation would be the result. What I thought was forgone, that it would, may not be so yet. I won't get a full head of hopeful steam though until I see more evidence.

Cheers and wishes for a win to my conservative Scottish friends and sincere wishes for the Liberal's to lose the referendum Thursday.

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