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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have written about many questionable events and failed policies that show President Obama and those in his administration are not qualified either by experience, or by action, to govern the United States of America. All are serious displays if incompetence, but none are more egregious than the dereliction of duty in dealing with the massacre of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya. While the major news outlets are covering up the facts of this disaster until after the election Nov. 6, as previously reported, there is enough news available from various sources for Americans to learn the truth. And, the truth is damning, not only for agencies such as State, but for President Obama himself. Even DOD Secretary Panetta is pathetic in his commentary! Even Gen. David Patreus' actions are not clear.
What does seem clear now is that Predident Obama and his staff knew in real time what was happening and ignored it. Obama even went off on a campaign trip to Las Vegas and left the disaster unmanaged and unattended. Sec. of State Clinton, CIA Director Patreus and DOD Sec. Panetta can all make excuses and fall on their sword for Obama, but it doesn't change the fact that as President of The United States, Obama was derelict as our sovereignty was assaulted and 4 Americans died -- and ACT OF WAR.  What have we come to with this administration? What will we be with an extension of this administration if Obama is reelected? Every young person should shudder to think of the possibility!
Are enough of them informed? Do they really comprehend? I hope so, but I believe too many aren't and don't. The youth are the one's to suffer most from bungled management of American government. Yes, that's what it is. Elect people with no experience with only prejudices to guide them and radicals surrounding them and that's what we get.


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