LYING - the dominant word in Obama supporters' vocabulary

This note is to the publisher of The Virginia Gazette that I sent spontaneously after we discussed a rebuttal to an essay and a couple letters from non-thinkers accused me of "half truths," of being disingenuous in telling the truth in a Romney-supporting editorial (published here) of  hatred for Obama. It seems these guys are so accustomed to lying that they think all of us do. It has become the dominant word in their vocabulary and even enhanced after the 1st debate. Honesty is not in their lexicon! More on this in a later post.

I am so damn tired of the lying and other scurrilous behavior that I'm about to go into exile again to finish out life's winter season. I quickly wrote off all Republicans except Romney. While he's not ideal to many, I truly believe he has the management acumen to correct major problems and the character to help us get off what I view seriously as a path to perdition. Even with these thoughts, I believe we may have declined in character to the extent that our culture is forever changed...the new norm?? in modern lingo. When I think of JFK's admonition, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your country" and Obama's pandering to those who do what JFK asked us not to do. I think of Truman who's famous for "the buck stops here" and Obama who's constant refrain is... ain't my fault, man (paraphrased). I think of my two grandfathers, one an ardent Democrat because FDR gave him a job he needed to feed his family and one a Republican, who kept enough land after losing most during the depression, to grub a living and wanted no part of government help. Culturally, they were two peas in a pod. Values were the same, their faith and common family interests bound them as brothers. Their word was truly their bond. Lying would send one straight to hell, not passing go, not buying a ticket out and not parking in purgatory for a while. Sorry.... on a roll.. .. but, I think there is a good chance that our culture is permanently altered for the worse. Lying and cheating are now acceptable.
Yes, I know you didn't ask for a diatribe, so forgive me...J


  1. As a society, we have clearly devalued time honored qualities--of my younger days--of honesty and virtue--to the bottom of the totem pole. Lying used to be seriously rebuked and misleading, even potentially disingenuous comments were cause for a man's reputation to come in to question. Now it is the norm. Why everyone lies, got to to get a advantage. If not an outright lie, then a least we promote the top "spinner."

    I'd like to see this swing back. Romney is a good starts, as an example to follow...

  2. Yes, Chuck, honesty and virtue have taken a low position in our culture now. A "leader" establishes the character (culture) of the entity he or she leads. Surely, the leader of a nation is sponsible for the image of the nation, the culture as seen from both inside and outside. Obama didn't "invent" dishonesty, but he has elevated it to a level that, in all likelhood, will be a new standard. If he is elected, it surely will be so. We are viewed now as a declining culture and it will be much worse in coming years. I do think Romney has the character to try to stop the decline, but it is clear that the sub-culture now in charge of the old-time Democrats will fight to maintain their position that they've been working to gain since the 60's. Sad!


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